Chautauqua Lake Students Deliver Doctor’s Day Cards

Student Administration Secretary Tatum Bensink, a sixth-grader, was credited for creating one of this design of the cards the students delivered to Brooks-TLC Hospital on National Doctor’s Day.

To celebrate National Doctor’s Day, student leaders of Chautauqua Lake Central School made a special delivery to make local health-care workers feel their appreciation.

The Student Administration group and advisers of Chautauqua Lake’s fifth and sixth grade classes delivered custom designed cards of appreciation to Brooks-TLC Hospital in Dunkirk last week to celebrate the day.

“It’s rewarding because people are getting together, getting to know each other, while helping other people. Even if they might not know it, it can help people a lot,” Student Administration Secretary Tatum Bensink said.

Bensink, a sixth-grade student, was credited for creating one of the designs the students used for the cards they made.

“I really loved to see it go from the students daring to just sign up for Student Administration … to students brainstorming ideas, taking ownership of the ideas and implementing the ideas,” said Student Administration adviser Logan Betts. “We really saw some students step up to the plate with the designs that we brought here for the doctors, with the plan, with helping their peers contribute to the service project.”

Chautauqua Lake Student Administration members delivered custom-designed cards to Brooks-TLC Hospital to celebrate National Doctor’s Day. Brooks-TLC President and CEO Ken Morris, standing far left, and Medical Director Dr. Marlene Hassenfratz, standing far right, were there to greet the students and receive the generous gift. Photos by Braden Carmen

The project, which the students agreed upon as their service project for the month of March, gave the young student leaders an opportunity to express themselves in a leadership role.

“It’s been enjoyable, but it has been difficult at some points getting stuff figured out with the rest of the student administration. We’re an entire group/body, so it depends on what the majority thinks,” said Isabelle Dawson, Student Administration Co-President. “… We make group decisions and try to help our community as a whole.”

Many of the students have already thrived in administrative roles within their school in the program’s return to the district this year.

“Student admin is about communicating with each other, helping others get better, and coming up with ideas for the school,” said Student Administration Historian Alyvia Grover.

“Presidents get to basically be the teachers. We get to pick people who have ideas and we group it all together and pick one,” added Skylar Whalen, Student Administration Co-President.

Advisers Logan Betts and Kim Siebert traveled with the group of Student Administrators to deliver the cards in person.

“It was really great to just give them that platform where they could step up and do something for the community,” Betts said.

Once the group arrived at Brooks, Medical Director Dr. Marlene Hassenfratz and Brooks-TLC President and CEO Ken Morris greeted the students and took photos with the student-designed cards.

“Brooks was very welcoming towards us when we were looking for a group to honor with this,” Betts said. “It was really nice for (the students) to be able to honor doctors because each one of them had a way that doctors have helped them or their families throughout their lives. It was a great way for them to give back to that.”


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