Real Estate Sales Includes Former Cheese Shop, Gas Station

A property where a local cheese and wine shop operated outside of Mayville will become a marketplace of businesses.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estate transactions in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the sales from Nov. 1-15.

During that time period, Reverie Property LLC of Sherman sold 3943 Route 394, North Harmony to Locale Hospitality LLC of Lakewood for $497,500. That was the location of Reverie Creamery. The business offered a variety of artisan cheeses made locally. They sold other items as well, including beer and wine. According to the business’ Facebook page, Reverie Creamery closed in October of 2022.

Locale Hospitality LLC, which purchased the building, is doing business as Locale Wine Tours, but a lot more will be at that location than just operating their tour bus.

According to owner Morgan Dinger, that location will become CHQ Marketplace. It will house a restaurant, women’s boutique, gourmet food market, airbnb and outdoor event space. Construction is underway at the property with an opening set for May.

In a separate sale, Hasselback Equipment Inc. of Buffalo sold 708-712 E. Second St., Jamestown to 708-712 E 2nd Street LLC of Lackawanna for $300,000. The sale includes multiple parcels which has Pronto Mart/Sunoco and an empty retail building next to it. That empty building previously housed Metro by T-Mobile and Royal Smoke Shop.

Including the two transactions above, there were 17 sales that were $250,000 or higher. Three of the sales were in the town of Chautauqua (two of which were in Chautauqua Institution), two were in the city of Jamestown, two were in the town of Mina, two were in the town of Ellery, and one sale was in each of the towns of Ellicott, North Harmony, Portland, Stockton, Busti (village of Lakewood), Sheridan, and Arkwright, and one in the city of Dunkirk.

The remaining 15 top sales were as follows:

* 34 Marina Drive, Ellery sold for $715,000.

* 6617 Webster Road, Chautauqua town sold for $625,000.

* 2730 Sunnyside Road, Mina sold for $570,000.

* 17 Marina Dr., Ellery sold for $540,000.

* 34 Scott Ave., Chautauqua Institution, town of Chautauqua, sold for $500,000.

* 6900 Route 5, Portland sold for $495,000.

* 6463 Route 380, Stockton sold for $370,000.

* Unit No. 1-10, Packard Estates Condominium, on West Terrace Ave., Lakewood sold for $335,000.

* 61 Parkdale Drive, Jamestown sold for $317,500.

* 2769 South Roberts Road, Sheridan sold for $275,000.

* Unit 2, Stanley Home Condominium, Chautauqua Institution, town of Chautauqua sold for $269,000.

* 9425 Walnut Creek Road, Arkwright sold for $260,000.

* 3824 Stetson Road, Mina sold for $259,000.

* 1 West Beach Road, Dunkirk sold for $255,000.

* 47 Westminster Drive, Ellicott sold for $252,000.

From Nov. 1-15, there were 190 property transactions total, with 114 of them over $1. The full list of sales over $1 is as follows:

NOV. 1-4

Daniel and Suzanne Sek sold property on York Road, Hanover to Family Vine, LLC of Forestville for $25,000.

Linda Ross sold 9425 Walnut Creek Road, Arkwright to David and Bonnie Allen for $260,000.

Laurie Spengler sold 11998 Hanover Road, Hanover to Roger Elwell Jr. for $39,000.

Kevin Perry sold 1934 East Middle Road, Sheridan to Joseph Luksch and Erica Mootz for $205,000.

Anthony and Vanhmary Avino sold property on East Main Road, Ripley to William and Tammy Mendoza for $45,000.

John Smith sold 16 Fay St., Brocton to Michael Hancey and Cynthia Martin for $165,000.

Trustees with the J. Scott and Laurie A. Pietras Joint Revocable Trust sold 185 Colfax St., Jamestown to Mary Beth Cammarata for $92,900.

APG Acquisitions LLC of San Clemente, Calif. sold 341 Willard St., Jamestown to Reger Real Estate LLC of Fairfax, Va. For $122,000.

David Lipari sold 12 Crown St., Jamestown to Reger Real Estate of Fairfax, Va. For $81,000.

SBP Properties Inc. of Catskills, NY sold 280 Broadway Ave., Jamestown to Reger Real Estate LLC of Fairfax, Va. for $70,000.

Thomas and Lisa North sold 7 Pullman St., Jamestown to Reger Real Estate LLC of Fairfax, Va. For $60,500.

The executor under the Last Will and Testament of Gertrude Louise Waite sold 166 Klondyke Road, Sherman to Norma Raupach for $128,000.

Kenneth D. Rowe sold 5637 Welch Hill Road, Ripley to Dakota and Ashton Bird for $115,000.

Joseph Costanzo sold 226 Sampson St., Jamestown to James Wiles for $84,694.

David and Barbara Curtis sold property on Winch Road, Busti to Rodney Johnson for $27,000.

Robert and Helena Vana sold Condominium Unit No. A-4, Chautauqua Lake Estates on Mohawk Drive, Chautauqua town for $225,000.

A trustee with the Mason Family Trust II sold 303 Everett St., Falconer to Beverly Yachetta, Cynthia Lafever and Francis Yachetta for $141,000.

Brandon and Hannah Odell sold 130 Wilton Ave., Jamestown to Andrus Houck for $88,477.

A trustee with the Anthony D. Oliverio Trust sold 34 Marina Drive, Ellery to Tom and Abby Abelson for $715,000.

Travis Higgs sold 150 Colfax St., Jamestown to Jamie Clarke for $115,000.

The administrator of the Estate of the late Michael R. Shanahan sold 5 Rix Place, Silver Creek to Stephen Mays for $40,000.

Lionel A. and Mary Eileen Wescott sold 5290 Spooner Road, Ashville, town of North Harmony to Steven Kenny and Hope Gibbons for $200,000.

Trustees with the Diane S. Pennell Revocable Trust sold Unit No. 1-10, Packard Estates Condominium, on West Terrace Ave., Lakewood to Louis and Melissa Deppas for $335,000.

A referee for Phyllis Robinson sold 176 Central Ave., Silver Creek to James Vollmer for $20,001.

Theresa and Salvatore Alessi sold 174 Barrett Ave., Jamestown to Jonathan Cairo for $36,300.

The executor of the last will and testament of Hellen P. Snyder sold 34 Scott Ave., Chautauqua Institution, town of Chautauqua, to the Karyn Lyon Glover Living Trust for $500,000.

A trustee with U.S. Bank National Association sold 5163 Stockton-Brocton Road, Stockton to Rebecca Blice for $49,900.

An executor of the Last Will and Testament of Paul F. Barone sold 4764 Van Buren Road, Pomfret to Darren and Sandra Buck for $230,000.

Sandra Buck sold 8401 Route 380, Portland to Jarod Potter for $210,000.

NMG Holdings Corporation of Hellertown, Pa. sold 142 Ruggles St., Dunkirk to 142 Ruggles LLC of Phoenix, Ariz. For $75,000.

John Deangelo sold 101 Maple St., Jamestown to Jordan Deangelo for $49,000.

Randall White and Jacqueline Ricotta sold property on State Line Road, French Creek to Cole and Elizabeth Gleason, and Anthony and Stephanie Ghamo for $37,600.

Debra Buckley sold property on Shumla Road, Pomfret to Richard Jamula for $3,500.

Raymond Hender II sold 21 Water St., Forestville, town of Hanover to Michael Guadagna for $1175,000.

Thomas and Julie Logan sold 6617 Webster Road, Chautauqua town to Glenn Sheldon for $625,000.

Armondo Calimeri sold 594 Kiantone Road, Kiantone to Brandin Barr for $132,000.

Donald and Barbara Krasa sold 2621 Shadyside Road, Mina to Rak Properties LLC of Erie, Pa. for $160,000.

Carolyn Swanson sold 2 Chestnut St., Forestville, town of Hanover to Joseph and Carrie Ann Mueller for $60,000.

Edwin Rodriguez sold 3194 Dutch Hollow Road, Ellery to Everett and Patricia Nelson for $227,900.

Trustees of the J. William Reed and Joan L. Reed Revocable Trust sold 47 Westminster Drive, Ellicott to Mark D. and Anne Katherine Caswell for $252,000.

Thomas and Julie Molenda sold Condominium Unit No. B28, Chautauqua Lake Estates, Mohawk Drive, Chautauqua town to David Dougherty for $162,500.

Shawn Mckane, Judy Ostrander, David Ostrander and Jeffrey Ostrander sold 6110 Canada Road and Portage Road, Chautauqua town to Warren Rammacher for $200,000.

Danielle M. Crane sold 2389 Lewis St., Ellicott to Amanda Saddler for $123,000.

Kevin and Michelle Lundeen sold 3824 Stetson Road, Mina to Brian Gates for $259,000.

Tammy Rizzone sold 45 Evans St., Mayville to Michael and Cristee Testa for $155,000.

Reverie Property LLC of Sherman sold 3943 Route 394, North Harmony to Locale Hospitality LLC of Lakewood for $497,500.

Patrick and Elaine Poland sold 11 Crystal Ave., Busti to Robert and Theresa Blakemore for $190,000.

Christal Ann Pressnitz sold 956 Swede Road, Harmony to Kenneth and Mary Davis for $82,000.

NOV. 7-11

Marie Jane Tomaselli sold 3778 Lakeland Ave., North Harmony to Brian and Judith Rosenzweig for $492,000.

Joseph Mikula Jr. sold 6463 Route 380, Stockton to Peter and Laurie Brown for $370,000.

Kris Goodwin sold 235 Hoyt St., Dunkirk to Cheryl Smith for $99,900.

Deborah Washington, Pamela Maslak, Jessica Overbey and Brian Washington sold 88 Maple Ave., Dunkirk to Caleb Lopez for $65,000.

Steven Sample sold 3982 Route 394, North Harmony to John and Stacy Proctor for $130,000.

Abby Goulder-Abelson sold 17 Marina Dr., Ellery to James and Lisa Helt for $540,000.

Hasselback Equipment Inc. of Buffalo sold 708-712 E. Second St., Jamestown to 708-712 E 2nd Street LLC of Lackawanna for $300,000.

Michelle Yorke sold 11 West Green St., Dunkirk to Conner Aitcheson and Sierra Delcamp for $155,000.

Jane Kibler sold 4648 Slide-Joslyn Road, Ellery to Michael D. Cousins for $52,000.

Timothy and Jennifer Switaj sold 3426 Busti-Stillwater Road, Busti to Jonathon Perrin and Paige Mesler for $141,297.

Robert Grambo sold 5520 Summit Ave., Ellery to Atticus at Chautauqua, LLC of Westerville, Ohio for $235,000

Jon Scott Currie sold 55 W. Livingston Ave., Ellicott to Sow Properties LLC of Olean for $42,000.

Cynthia Burns 15 Olson St., Falconer to Marc Carraher for $126,064.

A trustee with the James M. Deakin Trust sold 6900 Route 5, Portland to Kirk and Erin Harrison for $495,000.

Ronald Dearing and Amber Murray sold 42 N. Erie St., Mayville to Dennis Syper and Candace Kircher for $119,000.

Mary Barbknecht sold 826 Washington Ave., Dunkirk to Michael and Barbara Opie for $185,000.

Jack Skinner sold 2869 Route 394, North Harmony to Matthew Warren for $110,000.

Roger and Melissa Herdzik sold 313 Nevins St., Dunkirk to Adolph Jr., Lynn, and Robert Herdzik for $150,000.

Crown Royal Properties LLC of Highland Heights, Ohio sold 2730 Sunnyside Road, Mina to 2730 Sunnyside LLC of Hamburg for $570,000.

Max and Emily Denisco sold 17 Robinson St., Silver Creek to Aria Mergenhagen for $120,000.

Martin Dorman sold 70 N. State St., Ripley to Timothy Barr for $20,000.

Peter Brown sold property on Dean Road, Stockton to Eli and Katie Shetler for $79,900.

The executor of the Last Will and Testament of Russell A. Weise Jr. sold 108 Edmunds St., Sherman to Robert Gibbs Jr. and Dawn C. Yokum for $96,500.

Theodore P. Chase sold 1172 Brockville Watts Flats Road, Ashville, town of Harmony, to Stacey Asel for $79,900.

A referee for Robert Ranney sold 5706 Stockton-Hartfield Road, Dewittville, town of Chautauqua, to U.S. Bank National Association for $82,328.

The heirs of W.J. Alden Wagner and Maude V. Wagner sold 146 East Main St., Sherman to Milford Family Properties LLC of Findley Lake for $30,000.

A referee for Andrew and Erin Morse sold 135 Connecticut Ave., Jamestown to Gerald Haglund and Cynthia McCarey-Haglund for $77,216.

Christine M. Parmerter sold 6860 Woleben Road, Portland to Kris Goodwin and Timothy Nixon for $139,900.

Donald Short, Shirley Short, Craig Short and Pamela Eckendorf sold 20 Prosser St., Ellicott to Michael Livecche for $81,000.

Jonathan Blanchard sold 57 Spruce St., Jamestown to Jimmy E. Jr. and Andrea D.M. Oliver for $75,000.

Ryann Bevilacqua sold property on Shriver Road, Hanover to Carl and Emily Kogler for $20,000.

A trustee with the R&E Gibbons Family Trust sold 545 Howard Ave., Ellicott to Jennifer Reitz for $165,000.

Vernon D. Pchelka sold 10349 Chestnut Road, Pomfret to Maddison Heslink for $215,000.

Thomas J. Wopperer sold 1 West Beach Road, Dunkirk to Ivett Tucker for $255,000.

Jenna Peterson sold 213 Van Buren St., Jamestown to Tyler Burkett for $106,000.

Eileen and Douglas Seekings sold property on West Oak Hill Road, Ellicott to Josephine Natal for $21,900.

Carl Pillittieri sold 125 Barrett Ave., Jamestown to Nikolay and Svetlana Bosovets for $52,700.

Zachary Finnegan sold 71 Allen St., Jamestown to Bradley Campbell for $95,000.

Dorothy Tanner sold 3464 Old Bridge Road, North Harmony to Junior R. and Kara M. Delva for $115,000.

Sharon Stanely sold Unit 2, Stanley Home Condominium, Chautauqua Institution, town of Chautauqua to Shannon Recely and Katharine Bowdy for $269,000.

Sherry Stegler sold 152 Water St., Fredonia to Robert Jr. and Hao Allessi for $142,500.

The executor under the Last Will and Testament of Judith P. D’Angelo sold 10 Severn Parkway, Jamestown to Susan Macarthur for $142,000.

Giovanni Ortiz sold 15 E. Front St., Dunkirk to Bengy Rosario for $60,000.

John Jr. and Jason Cresanti sold 2746 Denslow Ave., Ellicott to Mervin and Janet Stoltzfus for $134,000.

Dennis and Joyce Sheehan sold 12 Shaw Ave., Jamestown to Luis Reyes and Virginia Jimenez for $57,900.

NOV. 14-15

The executor of the estate of Richard P. Jakubczyk sold 238 Nevins St., Dunkirk to Eric Luhowy for $38,500.

Jon T. Rowe sold 50 and 52 North St., Harmony to Robert Jr. and Kristine Straight for $40,000.

John Binko sold 5506 Webster Road, Portland to Benjamin and Larissa Graham for $100,000.

Annette Watson sold 119 East St., Sherman to Danielle Crane for $75,000.

The executor of the estate of MaryBeth Augustine sold 45 Chambers St., Jamestown to Daniel and Karen Soderberg for $119,000.

Theresa Klein sold 61 Parkdale Drive, Jamestown to Melissa Leigh Spas and Weimar Giovanni Machado Arroyave for $317,500.

The executor of the Last Will and Testament of William D. Dawson sold 3903 Pickard Road, Ellery to Mark Zadrozny and Michele Peterson for $130,000.

The executor of the Last Will and Testament of Dolores T. Abramowicz sold 229 Townsend St., Dunkirk to Robert Krzyzanowski for $65,000.

Raemon E. Williams sold 420 Park St., Jamestown to Susan Lynn Swanson for $130,000.

Michael and Caroline Ferrare sold 329 Velie Ave., Lakewood to Michael and Tracy Giardini for $219,000.

The executor of the Estate of Elaine C. Millard sold 318 Maplecrest Ave., Lakewood to Elizua Fuentes Munoz for $85,000.

Jay Jr. and Sherla L. Olmstead and Jay Olmstead Sr. sold property on Bates Road, Ellington to Michael Hampton for $56,000.

Abigail Yerico sold 140 Hoyt St., Dunkirk to Brianna Betker for $123,800.

Marika Louise Fernandez sold 469 Willard St., Jamestown to Stephanie C. Bakboord for $159,700.

516 East 5th Street LLC of Somers, NY sold 22 Columbia Ave., Jamestown to Catalina Vista Real Estate, LLC of Tucson, Ariz. For $58,000.

Gwendolyn Funcell sold 44 Collins Ave., Jamestown to Jessica Burkhouse for $84,900.

Christine Lewis sold 49 Berry St., Fredonia to Vicki Stevens for $124,000.

Victor Steffen sold 125 Fulton Ave., Jamestown to Piper KL Enterprises of West Seneca for $15,000.

DAF Land Holdings, LLC of Forestville sold 75-77 Seel Acres, Dunkirk to Omid Jassim for $240,000.

John and Sheila Fabian sold 52 Pearl St., Frewsburg, town of Carroll, to Tyler and Jenna Petersen for $192,000.

Marjorie Miller sold 2769 South Roberts Road, Sheridan to Rebekah Ann Davila for $275,000.


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