P-J Reporter Takes Part In ‘The Great Recital’

Pictured are Elizabeth Thomas, Scott Firebaugh, Timothy Frudd, Tom Meyer, Aaron House, Sam Braun and Brittany Schlichter at “The Great Recital,” which took place from Oct. 11 to 15 in Dallas, Texas. Submitted photo

A fall event in Dallas called “The Great Recital” included seven people reciting books of the Bible from the New Testament from memory — including a reporter for The Post-Journal, Timothy Frudd.

The Great Recital took place from Oct. 11 to 15 at the Institute for Creation Research Discovery Center in Dallas. It was the first ever recital of the Bible’s New Testament by memory. The event was also streamed live on the ICR’s YouTube page.

The event was put on by Tom Meyer, also known as the “Bible Memory Man.”

He was able to find six other people who had books of the New Testament memorized and were willing to recite them, including Frudd.

Frudd was tasked with reciting the books of Luke and Galatians. Memorizing both books was a challenge, Frudd said, as the Gospel of Luke has 1151 verses and approximately 25,600 words, and Galatians has 149 verses and roughly 3,000 words.

“It requires a ton of memorization practice, a ton of voice training for stamina, and a lot of mental focus, and a lot of prayer that God will give you the strength,” Frudd said.

Additionally, Frudd said Meyer planned the event in October so it would be near the midterm elections and give listeners and event attendees the idea of focusing on what God wants from them.

“Meyer believed it was important to do this before the Midterms to wake people up to the word of God,” Frudd said.

Over the span of the five days of the event, all seven members who memorized the New Testament recited the entire thing — from Matthew all the way to the Book of Revelation.

Frudd said that while it was both terrifying and exciting to get the request to participate in the Great Recital from Meyer, he felt that memorization of the Bible had a big impact on his life, so he agreed to do it.

“It just really transforms your whole life,” Frudd said. “There’s nothing that I found studying the Bible in any kind of way that’s more powerful than actually memorizing the Word of God, getting that in us, so that it’s flowing through our mind so that we can recall it whenever we’re going through difficult times.”

Overall, Frudd recalled his time down in Texas at The Great Recital as “an amazing experience.”

“During the five days of recitation from memory, you could powerfully feel the presence of God through the spoken declaration of his Word from the Scriptures,” Frudd said. “It is my hope that people watching this event and learning about this event will be inspired to memorize passages of the Bible for themselves. There is nothing in a person’s day-to-day routine that is more life changing than encountering the Word of God, studying it, memorizing it and applying it to your daily life. My goal is to inspire others to memorize God’s Word.”


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