Council To Vote On ARPA Funding Resolutions

The City Council is scheduled to vote tonight on two resolutions regarding American Rescue Plan Act funding.

One of the two ARPA funding resolutions would provide additional funding for the Senior Citizen Home Improvement Incentive program. If passed, the resolution would provide $377,528.75 in American Recue Plan Act Healthy Communities and Neighborhoods funding for the program. The additional funding would cover the remaining projects of senior citizens who were eligible for the program but have not yet received funding for their projects.

The City Council will also vote on a resolution to fund a major public works project in Jamestown. If passed, the resolution would allocate $900,000 in American Rescue Plan Act Water, Sewer and Broadband funds for street restoration work and water main replacement work on Juliet Street and Roland Road.

Both the City Council Finance Committee and the Public Works Committee gave their approval to the project, with council members citing the need to address infrastructure issues throughout the city.

In addition to the ARPA funding resolutions, the City Council will approve two Public Improvement Bond payments. One bond payment is for $440,700, and the other payment is for $221,156.26. Both bond payments represent the first of two payments scheduled for each bond for 2023.

Also included on the City Council’s agenda is the New York State Climate Smart Communities Pledge. If passed, the resolution would signal the city’s intention to uphold ten elements listed by the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop a “climate-smart community.”

Along with today’s City Council voting session, Mayor Eddie Sundquist will be digitally releasing his State of the City address at 12 p.m. Sundquist’s speech can be streamed at www.jamestownny.gov/live. A copy of the mayor’s remarks will also be posted on the city’s website and will also linked on various social media accounts.

Sundquist previously informed City Council members that his State of the City address would be recorded again this year prior to this month’s voting session, rather than including the State of the City address as part of the City Council voting session.


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