Brocton Seeks Answers On EMS Billing

Brocton Mayor Craig Miller is shown during the village’s monthly Town Council meeting. P-J photo by Braden Carmen

BROCTON — The vllage of Brocton received response from Chautauqua County regarding the confusion of billing for Emergency Medical Services. However, the response only answered half of the questions.

The county presented the village with a business associates agreement regarding the EMS services through the county. But when it comes to ALSTAR EMS, who has been billing the village, the county did not specify what the village should do.

“Where we sit, half the time we get the county, half the time we get ALSTAR,” said Village Trustee Dave Hazelton. “It’s just about 50/50 if we get a county medic or ALSTAR.”

Village attorney Peter Clark is seeking additional information on the matter.

In the meantime, the County Legislature approved the Advanced Life Support-Basic Life Support joint prehospital agreements between the county Emergency Medical Services and the villages of Brocton, Cassadaga, Mayville and Westfield.

The resolutions were not discussed during the full legislature meeting; however, during committee meetings, county lawmakers were told that some of the municipalities and fire districts had yet to approve the agreements on their end.

The village of Brocton also recently approved a renewal of its Fire Protection Contract, along with the Town of Portland, with the Brocton Fire Company. There is no rate increase from the previous contract, at a cost of approximately $62,000.

The village also recently authorized the transfer of the previously declared surplus property at Bear Lake to the Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy.


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