Mayor Announces Manufacturer Arrival, Alert System

Mayor Eddie Sundquist delivered two important community updates to the City Council during Monday’s work session meeting.

Sundquist confirmed Gov. Kathy Hochul’s announcement that Electrovaya would be developing its first U.S. lithium-ion battery plant near Jamestown in Ellicott.

Electrovaya’s manufacturing plant will be located at the former Acu-Rite location at 1 Precision Way.

“It is a battery cell assembly plant that will employ 250-300 people,” Sundquist said. “The electricity and utilities will actually be coming from the BPU.

Sundquist said the new manufacturing plant will greatly benefit the community and provide new opportunities in the area.

“Not only will it employ residents here in the city,” Sundquist said, “It will be utilizing city utilities, so that’s certainly a big thing and one of the many things we as a city have been doing to try to attract green companies here to Jamestown.”

Electrovaya will be based outside the city limits, something Sundquist said was ultimately decided due to the amount of space required for the manufacturing plant. While Sundquist said it was unfortunate Electrovaya was not able to be located inside the city, he expressed excitement for the future opportunities the manufacturing plant could provide for the area.

“We’re excited to see that,” he said. “We’re excited to see new manufacturers move into the area, and hopefully we’ll have a positive impact on the work they do here.”

The mayor also announced the finalization of the city’s text message, email and phone call alert system, which is expected to play a major role in the city’s public safety initiative. He told City Council members his administration would be providing each of them with information prior to the city’s marketing campaign for the new alert system.

“We are finalizing the media package for the text message, email and phone call alert system,” he said.

“You should start seeing drafts of the post cards and press releases that will be going out. We will send it to you so that you all are aware what may be hitting mail boxes and newspapers in case you have any folks ask.”

Sundquist said city officials will be mailing out post cards with the option for local residents to scan a QR code, text the emergency number or access the city’s website to subscribe to different categories of city alert messages.

The mayor explained the importance of City Council members being informed prior to the city releasing information to the public.

“People might call and say, ‘Hey is this a legitimate thing?'” he said.

Once the City Council has reviewed the information and the city administration has completed the final details, advertisements for the new alert system will be made public to local residents.


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