Tours Available During ‘Visit The Farm Day’

Bradley and Jessica Brehm are pictured outside their farm in Falconer. Brehm Farms will host an open house as part of Visit The Farm Day on Saturday. Submitted photo

FALCONER — Cornell Cooperative Extension’s “Visit the Farm Day” will be held at Brehm Farms in Falconer this year.

Brehm Farms, 3456 Dry Brook Road, Falconer, is owned by Bradley and Jessica Brehm. They milk 140 cows, with breeds including Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss and Lineback.

Visit the Farm Day is set for this Saturday. Tours begin at 11 a.m. and last until 3 p.m. The day will include guided walking tours and educational displays about everything the Brehms do to run their farm and take care of their cows.

“Tours will be set up and there will be stations for children but adults are welcome too,” Bradley Brehm said. “We will be showing how we feed the cows, milk them, where the cows are housed, how the pasture works and how calves are raised. There will also be equipment set up with representatives there to explain how everything is used and how the feed for the cows is made.”

Other displays during the day will focus on other agriculture industries, including grapes and livestock. Free samples of locally produced milk, string cheese and grape juice will be available as well. The event is free and sponsored by local agriculture businesses.

While the Brehms have not hosted a Visit the Farm Day event before as the event occurs at different farms each year, they have previously hosted a pasture walk, focusing on the way they feed their cows in the pasture.

“We hosted a pasture walk where people could come out and see how we have it set up for the cows,” Brehm said. “We have it so the cows are moved from one pasture to the next each day to continue to have fresh grass. We’ll have to see if we do an event like this again or not depending on how this upcoming one goes, but I think these events are important so people can learn where their food comes from and we can show that in the best way possible.”

Brehm said he and his wife believe hosting the event this year provides a unique opportunity to be able to educate the public about their farm. Because the event occurs on a different farm every year, Brehm also said it’s important for the public to see the differences in farms.

“Every farm is different,” he said. “I know the one they asked last year had robots. We have our intense pasture method. We all produce high quality milk, we just do it a little bit differently.”

Brehm said he thought educating the public on agriculture through events matter because people need to know where their food comes from and the reasons behind why things are done how they are.

“It’s important for people to realize how their food is produced,” Brehm said. “This goes for all food in all agriculture practices. They also need to see why certain practices are done and the reasons behind why they are done that way.”

Brehm encourages everyone to come out on Saturday and visit Brehm farms.


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