Chautauqua Lake Central School Celebrates Homecoming Week

Chautauqua Lake Central School’s homecoming celebration is expanding this year, with students from the elementary school joining high school students in the annual homecoming parade in Mayville. The school celebrated “spirit week” prior to Friday’s homecoming festivities. Submitted photos

MAYVILLE — Chautauqua Lake Central School celebrated homecoming this year by including elementary students for the first time and featuring the school’s new turf football field.

This year’s CLCS homecoming spirit week is offering students the opportunity to utilize their leadership and creativity to celebrate school spirit and promote the athletic programs at the school. The school’s focus for spirit week is on student-led activities.

“Our district has a goal to create a positive environment that promotes integrity, tolerance, and respect for self and others,” Jennifer Davis, public relations specialist, said. “This year’s spirit week celebrates ‘Thunderbird Nation’ and was created by the CLCS Student administration.”

The elementary school, secondary school, and BOCES program are joining together to celebrate school spirit and various homecoming events throughout the week and the weekend.

Students and staff members were encouraged to take part in various theme days throughout the week, including “vacation day,” “crazy hair day,” “comfy day,” “school spirit day,” and “house pride day.”

Chautauqua Lake Central School students worked on floats for the homecoming parade in Mayville.

“As a district that brings many communities together in sports and academics, we celebrate our communities, school pride, and class contributions in the celebration of our Thunderbird Nation,” Rachel Curtin, secondary school principal, said.

In addition to the spirit week theme days, students were encouraged to attend the school’s home games for tennis, soccer and football. The homecoming week culminated Friday with the homecoming parade in Mayville, followed by the school’s football game.

The recent capital improvement project at CLCS included a new state of the art turf field and a new sound system, which was featured at the homecoming game Friday night against Springville at 7 p.m. Davis said the new sound system will allow this year’s National Anthem singer, junior Lydia Kushmaul, to sing on the new turf field.

The theme for Chautauqua Lake’s homecoming parade was “Many Biomes and Galactic Spaces, But Not One Tops Our Thunderbird Nation.”

The parade was led by first responders and emergency response departments from Ashville, Brocton, Chautauqua, Dewittville, Hartfield, Mayville, Ripley, and Westfield.

Elementary students had the opportunity to dress up for “Vacation Day” during Chautauqua Lake Central School’s “spirit week” prior to Friday’s homecoming celebration. Submitted photos

This year, each class is competing for the best float, with students from each class responsible for decorating their class float.

“Students have been hard at work preparing floats and banners to showcase for our annual parade,” Curtin said. “Many thanks to the parents and friends who are pitching in with flatbed trailers and trucks. Our students and class advisors are so creative and have a great time decorating.”

Also included in the parade will be the youth sports teams, the school’s new mountain bike and adventure club and various community organizations.

The inclusion of elementary school students for the homecoming parade is something the staff is excited to show the community.

“We are excited to welcome the Elementary School to the parade for the first time,” Megan Lundgren, elementary school principal said. “Students in grades five and six are decorating the first ever PBIS Float to showcase our new house system and elementary students will be walking with their ‘Houses’ to celebrate character.”

Dr. Josh Liddell, superintendent, said he has been privileged to be a part of the homecoming activities at Chautauqua Lake for 15 years. Over the years, he has seen homecoming grow into an event celebrated by the entire community.

“Homecoming at Chautauqua Lake is rich in tradition with a pep rally, homecoming court, class float building competition, a dance and a Friday parade led by Sheriffs on horseback, the state police and eight local fire departments,” he said. “Our homecoming festivities are exciting, fun and encompass everything right about small rural schools, supportive local communities and districts working together for the betterment of all our students.”

Liddell said the combined football program at the school brings together the school communities of Ripley, Brocton, Westfield and Chautauqua Lake.


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