JCC Announces Reopening Plan For Fitness Center

Jamestown Community College is preparing a four-phase reopening of its Total Fitness center and physical education activities. The plan will steadily reopen the Total Fitness center back to pre-pandemic operation and eventually expand its membership opportunities. P-J photo by Timothy Frudd

Jamestown Community College has announced a four-phase reopening plan of its Total Fitness center and physical education opportunities.

“I’m excited, coming in as the new director, that I’m able to take this step and move things forward again to get things back on track,” Stephen Riczker, the new executive director of JCC’s Faculty Student Association, said.

Although Riczker is new to his position at the college, he has been involved with JCC for years as a member of the JCC Alumni Board of Directors. As the new director of the Faculty Student Association, Riczker is committed to bringing improvements to the college’s Total Fitness center.

JCC closed the center during the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, new membership requests were put on hold, members were refunded their money and the college lost many members of its fitness center.

Riczker said the fitness center had a more difficult time reopening than other gyms.

“Because of some of the requirements that SUNY placed on us, we weren’t able to reopen the gym maybe as quickly as some of the community gyms reopened, so people found other venues for their fitness and exercise,” he said. “Now we’re challenged with reopening it.”

Although the college reopened the Total Fitness center last year for students, faculty and staff, hours of operation remain limited.

This year, Riczker said the college will modify the hours to better reflect the fitness schedule of its students and staff.

“We also feel it’s time to get the public back down here,” Riczker said. “We really feel strongly that we do have a significant resource here, particularly for people on this side of town.”

Reopening the fitness center for the community is a top priority for Riczker and the college.

“Having the college resource open to the community, it really vitally important,” he said. “It’s a nice way to show the community what we have here to offer. It’s a nice way to engage potential students.”

In addition to the Total Fitness Center, JCC offers its Total Fitness members access to a pool, a track, and a gym.

While the college offers options that are not available at many other gyms, JCC does not offer 24/7 access like other gyms. However, the college has included this as part of the four-phase plan.

According to Riczker, the first phase of the reopening plan is modifying the hours to “be more conducive to student life.”

“Students are of course a priority to us, but the public is also a priority, and we have to balance those priorities,” he said.

During the first phase, the Total Fitness center will remain exclusive for students, faculty and staff members.

Membership will be reopened to the public during phase two, which will start in the fourth quarter of this year. The college will also develop extended hours of operation during this phase.

The third phase will significantly expand operational hours and will involve the installation of new exercise equipment during the first and second quarters of 2023.

While the college’s exercise equipment remains in good condition, Riczker said the college will be looking to upgrade the equipment to keep up with new technology and continue to offer students and members a wide range of exercise options.

During the final phase in the third and fourth quarters of 2023, JCC will implement 24/7 access to the Total Fitness center.

While the college waits for membership to become available to the public later in the semester, students and athletes are already looking forward to the changes and improvements.

“We need those resources available to them,” Riczker said. “One of the most important things for college students is not just what they’re learning, but how they’re treating their bodies and treating their health. If you have an unhealthy student, they’re not going to learn as effectively as a healthy student might.”

The Total Fitness center typically provides the college with an effective way to attract members of the community to the college, which is something the college is focusing on in its Total Fitness reopening plan.

“It would be great to get the community down here to see some of the resources we have,” Riczker said.


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