Real Estate Sales Include Celoron Church, College Lodge Forests

A church building in Celoron has been sold.

The OBSERVER and Post-Journal have been analyzing real estate transactions recorded at the Chautauqua County Clerk’s office and recently looked at the sales from March 16-31. During that period, the Upper New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, formerly known as the Methodist Church of Celoron, sold 28 East Livingston Ave., Celoron. That is the address for the Celoron United Methodist Church. It was sold to David Brownlow for $65,000.

In another matter, during this period the Faculty Student Association of SUNY Fredonia sold property to the Western New York Land Conservancy Inc. for $314,000.

In late May, a celebration was held by the land conservancy for it buying a couple hundred acres of land from the college. At that time, it was announced SUNY Fredonia would retain the college lodge and 33 acres. The land conservancy was buying the property to protect the centuries old forest. The conservancy said the forest will remain open year-round as a publicly accessible nature sanctuary, featuring miles of recreational trails.

According to the sale recorded at the County Clerk’s Office, the property sold by SUNY Fredonia included one deed in the town of Chautauqua, four deeds in Portland, and four deeds in Stockton.

Excluding the college lodge forests, there were nine sales during this 12-day period that were for $250,000 or more. Two were in the town of Chautauqua, two in Ellery, two in Pomfret, two in Portland, one in Busti and one in Charlotte. They were as follows:

¯ 68 Crescent Ave., Chautauqua Institution sold for $695,000.

¯ 5299 Route 380, Ellery sold for $374,000.

¯ 7094 Route 5, Portland sold for $325,000.

¯ 9791 Route 60, Pomfret sold for $297,000.

¯ 2921 Greenhurst Ave., Ellery sold for $295,000.

¯ 8922 Chautauqua Road, Pomfret sold for $285,000.

¯ 1056 Forest Avenue Extension, Busti sold for $269,000.

¯ 7086 Nelson Road, Charlotte sold for $257,000.

¯ 32 Seneca Drive, Chautauqua sold for $250,000.

Excluding $1 or no fee transfers, there were 124 transactions made from March 16-31. The full list is as follows:

MARCH 16-18

Brandon Zarkovich sold 8922 Chautauqua Road, Pomfret to Gene and Valerie Tundo for $285,000.

Dwane and Amy Schmitt sold 22 Casabella Drive, Fredonia to Peter and Laurie Brown for $249,900.

Todd Rosanna sold 68 Crescent Avenue, Chautauqua Institution to Cathy Leigh Bonner for $695,000.

The executrix of the estate of Janet I. Groat sold 29 Regent St., Jamestown to Peter Carl Sambolin and Luz Antonia Torres Perez for $33,900.

Lindsey Alday sold two parcels on Lyons Road, Chautauqua to Devin Marie Bonner for $85,000.

The executor for Clara Boland sold three parcels on Bailey Hill Road and Route 76, Sherman to Russell Boland and Christine Signorino for $224,000

Nicholas and Holly McBride sold 18 and 122 Palmer St., Jamestown to Nikolay and Svetlana Bosovets for $80,000.

Timothy Johnson and Marcia Nickerson sold 305 Oak St., Lakewood to Gil and Sheila Marzinek for $121,000

Michael June sold property on McKinley Road, Westfield to Thomas and Kimberly Leid for $10,000.

Thomas Buttafarro Jr. sold 11 Ellis Ave., Jamestown to Randy and Stephanie Prus for $150,000.

Matthew Murray sold 4908 Parker Road, Westfield to Keith Mitchell for $14,500.

Brian Brunswick sold property on North Main Street, Cherry Creek to Justin Foster for $4,000.

Roy, Patrick and Kelly Emerling sold property on Mill Creek Road, Charlotte to Marty and Allen Troyer for $167,500.

Matthew Martin sold 869 Poland Center Road, town of Poland to Maher and Barbara Rahman for $120,000.

David Joy sold 883 Big Tree Sugar Grove Road, Busti to Mark and Marki Tauzel for $33,360.

Sean Kubovcik and Wendy Brickman sold 5909 E. Lake Road, Chautauqua town to Joseph and Michelle Gaik for $20,000.

Leo and Mary Bamonto sold 28 Leon Place, Fredonia to Joseph and Kathleen Holland for $115,000.

Noel Calhoun sold 3645 Wells Bay Road, North Harmony to Lash Real Estate, LLC for $67,500.

The estate of Franklin Foringer sold 171 Robinson Avenue, West Ellicott to Matthew and Natalie Marvin for $169,500.

Susan Barnes sold 60 N. Main St., Cassadaga to Christian Hy for $127,600.

Lansing and Jody Dickinson sold 39 Cayuga Circle, Chautauqua to Craig and Michelle Walters for $241,000.

Doug McMillen, Autumn Mindek and Dean Allred sold property on West Mina Road, Mina to Amy Slupski for $16,915.

Dusty Jones sold 46 West 9th St., Jamestown to Soloman Hossain for $19,000.

Troy Hine sold property on Pratt Avenue, Jamestown to Todd Griswold for $13,000.

Grace Greenstein sold 257 Broadhead Avenue, Jamestown to Mark and Cheryl Divincenzo for $35,000.

The executor for Michael Groff sold property on Bowers Road, Stockton to Joseph Hladun for $27,000.

Dominic Bonasera sold 181 Barrows St., Jamestown to Jessica Zielinski for $26,000.

Rosalie Risley, Lynn Drennen and Josephine Pierce sold 286 Chestnut St., Fredonia to Russell Newkirk, Brianna Newkirk and Peter Smith for $203,000.

MARCH 21-25

Norman Farley Jr. sold property on Miller Road, Ripley to Gordon Hires and Valerie Thoreson for $5,000.

Sam Byler sold 6242 Elm Flats Road, Chautauqua to Levi and Barbara Byler for $225,000.

Kendra Chrispen and Taylor Bennett sold 31 Everett Ave., Jamestown to Taylor Bennett for $32,000.

The executor for Betty Anderson sold 89 Stewart Avenue and 212 Broadhead Avenue, Jamestown to K Smith Properties LLC of Ashville for $79,000.

Michael Engdahl and Lisa Hansen-Engdahl sold 457 Fairmount Avenue, Ellicott to Prendergast Properties LLC of Burbank, Calif. for $140,000.

Timothy Slate sold 325 Townsend St., Dunkirk to Carlos Rodriguez Gonzalez and Astrid Camacho Miranda for $15,000.

Kenneth and Deborah Pifer sold 442 Stowe St., Jamestown to Michael and Angela Galati for $85,821.

Kirk Allen sold property on Cowing Road, Busti to Kathryn Allen for $23,200.

The Faculty Student Association of the State University College at Fredonia New York Inc sold one property tax deed in the town of Chautauqua, four property tax deeds in the town of Portland, and four property tax deeds in the town of Stockton to the Western New York Land Conservancy Inc. for $314,000.

John and Cindy Trevelline sold 10767 West Lake Road, Ripley to Amber Dyer for $150,000.

The Administratrix of the estate of David M. Long sold 4577 Melvin Lane, Gerry to James and Emily Paterniti for $195,000.

Jeffrey Eschborn sold 253 Prospect St., Jamestown to Calimeri Properties, Inc. of Jamestown for $9,000.

Peter Woodward sold 4473 Chautauqua Stedman Road, Chautauqua town to Joelle Woodward for $60,000.

Charles Whitting sold 341-341.5 Foote Avenue, Jamestown to IBM Empire Holdings LLC of Dover, Delaware for $37,000

H&R Properties LLC of Bemus Point sold 80 Sturges St., 138 Park St., 360 Fairmount Avenue and 199 Barrett St., Jamestown to A4U LLC of Somers, N.Y. for $191,000

David Lipari sold 25 Walnut St., Jamestown to A4U, LLC for $71,000

Linda Hoxie sold 136 Park St., Jamestown to A4U, LLC for $55,000

Todd Edbord sold 31 Hazzard St., 18 Shaver St., 20 Shaver St., and lot Shaver Street, Jamestown to A4U, LLC for $108,500

Glenn and Linda Ross sold 11 Prather Ave., Jamestown to Odeen Eccleston for $68,500

David and Sandra Wright sold 40 Norwood Ave., Jamestown to SWB Real Estate Arizona, LLC of Tucson, Ariz. For $37,750

R. Chadwick Land Holdings, LLC sold 6195 Ogden Road, Westfield to Synergy Collaboration Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio for $44,500

Dennis and Cherie Vittum sold 308 Canary St., Dunkirk to James IV and Minerva Robb for $28,000.

Stanley and Kathleen Tenpas sold property on Wickwire Road, Clymer for $6,000

Parksy, LLC of Jamestown sold 713 E. Second St., Jamestown to Abdulla Abuhamra for $46,000.

Katherine Chant sold 10953 Cook Road, Sheridan to Jeffrey Munson for $35,000

Patricia Dubois sold 1056 Forest Avenue Ext., Busti to Brendan Murphy and Meghan Carlson for $269,000.

Raymond Nelson and Amy Nelson-Siderits sold 2541 Riverside Road, Kiantone to Clint and Keri Apthorpe for $147,700.

Gina Marie Zangara sold 37 Cayuga Drive, Chautauqua town to SDVV Investments, LLC of Vancouver, Wash. For $245,000

Anthony and Diana Hopfinger sold property on Denslow Avenue, Ellicott to Michael and Tammy Tomlinson for $7,000.

The executor of Stephen Roman sold 828 Washington Ave., Dunkirk to Susan Trippi for $65,000

Donna Wright and Scott Smith sold 10706 Bennett Road, Dunkirk to John Wilberg for $179,000.

Lakeshore Savings Bank of Dunkirk sold 15 Gilllis St., Fredonia to Tara Graham for $36,000.

Sarah Conlan sold 52 Allendale Avenue, Jamestown to Erika Hines for $65,500.

Heather Priest sold 8765 Shumla Road, Arkwright to Dylon Utegg and Natasha Arocho for $106,300.

The executors for Raymond J. Williamson sold 4494 Gleasson Road, Busti to Christopher Brown and Hallie White for $80,000.

Kathryn Hitchcock Gruber sold 91 Ivory St., Frewsburg to Scott Shultz for $120,000

Mark Turzillo, Darlene Fox and Elizabeth Turzillo sold 6 Alpine Drive, Silver Creek to Donald and Margaret Close for $150,000.

James and Florence Painter sold 361 S. Main St., Jamestown to Jeffrey Needelman for $65,000.

Matthew and Jeanine Bailey sold property on Frew Run Road, Carroll for $9,250.

Shanin Rublee sold 4491 Cobb Road, Gerry to Ronald and Joyce Rothleder for $32,000.

The administrator of the estate for Robert Speas sold 685 E. Main St., Ellington to Timothy Speas for $10,500.

Thomas Kozlowski sold property on Route 83, Arkwright to the town of Arkwright for $500.

Joseph Carlson sold 15 Woodworth Ave., Jamestown to Egger Aaron for $100,700.

Richard and Shelley Jakubowicz sold 2921 Greenhurst Ave., Ellery to Kristin Bennett and Sharon Bennett for $295,000.

The administrator of the estate for Richard Smith sold 31 Robinson St. to Baker Creek Properties, LLC of Silver Creek for $50,000.

Kenneth and Sharon Oakes sold 7086 Nelson Road, Charlotte to Paul Mattis and Natalie Gelbke-Mattis for $257,000.

Mark Roberts sold 5299 Route 380, Ellery to James and Eileen Klubek for $374,000.

Andrew and Melissa Stewart sold 426 Park Ave., Dunkirk to Joshua Carlson and Cassandra Simpson for $80,000.

Mary Milroy, Anthony Miniri, Lisa Brand, Lisa Haeber, David Miniri, and Frank Miniri sold 22 Buffalo St., Silver Creek to Karl Spaeth and Layla Bartam for $110,200.

The administrator of the last will and testament of Jeremy Dolce sold 208 Lake Shore Drive East, Dunkirk to Marcus Bentley for $50,000.

John Grey sold 113 Newton Ave., Jamestown to Evan Grey for $46,000.

Luis and Gloria Rivera sold 809 Cherry St., Jamestown to Jeffrey Shevlin Jr. for $26,000.

Nelson Nobles sold property on Route 83, Villenova to Vincent Tenamore for $64,900.

Wanda Hardy and Tadeusz Charewicz sold 21 Prospect St., Forestville to Stephen Stenberg for $75,000.

MARCH 28-31

Beverly Engel sold 9235 Miller Road, Arkwright to Brett Tuttle for $113,000

The trustee of the R&M Strawser Family Trust sold 2924 West Sheridan Drive, Sheridan to Sarah Bell for $190,000.

A.D.D. Apartments Inc. in Dunkirk sold 135 Willow Road, Dunkirk to Anthony Todorov for $187,000.

Hine & Company, LLC of Jamestown sold 10 Utica St. to Ted and Sonia Guinness for $49,000.

Craig Laurie sold 6 Oak St., Mayville to Christopher and Ann Lotempio for $165,000.

John and Katie Byler sold 3968 Route 76, Sherman to Delbert and Mary Miller for $110,000.

John Roger Trettel sold 7094 Route 5, Portland to Carl and Susan Schanz for $325,000.

Brian Karlson sold 23 School St., Harmony to Jason Tyler McKay McEntire and Molly Paige McEntire for $242,000.

DLDC Real Property LLC of Dunkirk sold 523 Columbus St., Dunkirk to Irmarie Rivera for $50.

Donald Williams Jr. sold 106 Webster St., Dunkirk to Michael Donaldson for $60,000.

Terry Cali sold 1879 S. Maple Ave., Busti to Michael Cali for $97,500.

Christine Rigby sold 32 Seneca Drive, Chautauqua town to Clayton and Lisa Burnett for $250,000.

Keith Campbell sold 1814 Emery Hill Road, Frewsburg to Jeremiah Birt for $160,000

Annelie Rose sold 12 Charlotte Ave., Jamestown to Cory Falkowski for $65,000.

Buy Great Land LLC of Old Bridge, N.J. sold property on 28th Creek Road, Ellington to Alicia Cheff and Matthew Farina for $12,000.

The executrices of the last will and testament of Andrew Dziduch sold 321 W. Seventh St., Dunkirk to Edward Lillis for $175,000.

Daniel Maus sold 9 Willard St., Jamestown to Jford Holdings LLC of Jamestown for $35,000.

Stephen and Tara Wisecarver sold 121 Lake Avenue, Brocton to Nathan and Michelle Burrows for $155,000.

Elizabeth Woods sold 10601 Linwood Drive, Dunkirk to Mary Skubis for $155,000.

Sue Devine sold 1567 Wellman Road, Busti to John and Patricia Bull for $140,000.

Bismillah Team Inc of Buffalo sold 41 W. 9th St., Jamestown to Ali M. Imanul Mansur for $14,000.

Shirley Crowell, Lynn Ryan, Carol Calhoun, Mark Crowell, and John Crowell sold 6182 Route 380, Stockton to Steven and Sandra Wheeler for $114,000.

Michael and Dona Yager sold 46 N. Pearl St., Carroll to Cecelia Nosel and Charles Rhodes for $20,000.

The executrix of the last will and testament of Josephine Foti sold 130 Maple St., Jamestown to Skylar Myers and Chlor Knapp for $74,200

Robert Kubsik sold 227 Nevins St., Dunkirk to Kadijah Monique Collier for $66,950.

The Upper New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, formerly known as the Methodist Church of Celoron sold 28 East Livingston Ave., Celoron to David Brownlow for $65,000.

US Bank National Association of Irving, Calif. sold 3715 Panama-Stedman Road, North Harmony to Kim Patrick Saunders for $130,444.

Danielle and Chad Bongiovanni sold property on Seymour and Ryan streets, Fredonia to Chad Bongiovanni for $6,063.

David and Joan Rosner sold 5974 Mill Road Extension, Chautauqua town to Brenda and Kris Buryta for $139,000.

Richard Gilbert Jr. sold 7176 Bliss Road, Portland to Karen and Martin Naeser for $8,500.

Cathleen Farrell sold 182-184 Lake Shore Drive East, Dunkirk to Michael Pelletter for $10,000.

Sonya Mastersen sold 5729 Bayview Road, Stockton to John and Michelle Mosher for $55,000.

Candice Peterson-White sold property on Sunset Drive, Busti to Chad and Ashley Beaver for $59,794.

The executrix of the estate of John Edward Charles White sold 3 Cleveland Ave., Lily Dale to Michelle Barr for $140,000.

Robert Waite sold 2874 Mitchell Road, Busti to Cody David Budzinski for $135,000.

Bridget Benoit sold 717 E. Main St., Kennedy to Cody Dallas and Kaitlyn Erskine for $144,000.

Linda Gotta and Patricia Radder sold 6968 Allen Road, Westfield to Brian and Julie Martin for $245,000.

Steven Lundsten sold 120 Avalon Blvd, West Ellicott to George and Jennifer Harper for $86,920.

Steven and Melinda Lehnen sold 9791 Route 60, Pomfret to Ryan and Sarah Laurie for $297,000.

James Defresco sold 117 Valleyview Ave., Jamestown to Robert and Barbara Pearson for $131,000.

Steven and Sherry Paddock sold 2957 Donelson Road, Busti to Alan G. III and Kayla Jeanne Strandburg for $210,000.

Mary Bergman sold 1201 W. Third St., Jamestown to Colby Michael McCormick for $93,500.


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