Cassadaga Banters On Beach Facility

Superintendent of Public Works Sam Alaimo, left, and members of the Cassadaga Village Board. Photo by Anthony Dolce

CASSADAGA — The village has been discussing plans to build a new bathhouse at the beach, which would make accessibility easier. The main focus of discussion was whether to renovate the existing building, or tear it down and build a new facility.

Superintendent of Public Works Sam Alaimo said he does not see how the current building can change all that much. “I don’t know that there’s a whole lot to change the way it is,” Alaimo said.

Cassadaga architect Chris Cooke said the current building staying up has advantages in the sense that existing buildings have lower standards to live up to, making renovations somewhat easier.

“Existing buildings have less of a standard” Cooke said. “There’s more leeway with things like ramps. … If it’s brand new, there’s no grandfathering. The way around that is to cut the building in half and have two single occupant, unisex bathrooms.”

Other reservations with a new facility include not wanting to build entirely new engineering and septic systems for it. However, Cooke said the structure also has issues that may make a new facility the best option.

No decision on the bathhouse was made at this meeting, as it will be revisited at the next meeting on Wednesday, July 13 at 7 p.m.


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