Ready To Roll: Clymer Central School Unveils New Food Truck

The Cove food truck was unveiled to Clymer Central School students on May 11. Submitted photos

CLYMER — A new initiative to help provide meals to students and for use in case Clymer Central School ever has to shut down again has arrived in the form of a food truck.

The vehicle, named The Cove, had been discussed during the school year, Superintendent Beth Olson said, and officially was unveiled to students May 11.

The idea for the food truck came when the school’s leadership team was working to figure out what to do with the federal COVID stimulus money that was to be used to address challenges presented by the pandemic.

“District cafeteria manager Sue Watrous suggested the concept,” Olson said. “After contemplating the idea, it was determined that such a vehicle could be instrumental in providing meals to students, or even as a hotspot if the district faced a shutdown again. Beyond the parameters of the pandemic, the truck was envisioned as a practical application of skills for students and it took off from there.”

The truck design was established by working with a vendor in Buffalo and a brand identity competition completed by the ninth grade art class, taught by Cheryl Mayott, which included original graphic designs done by the students for the entire student body to vote on, determined the truck’s graphic design and name. The Cove was the winner.

The Cove food truck was unveiled to Clymer Central School students on May 11. Submitted photos

Students in a pilot food truck course determined the menus for the truck, studied pricing for the menu items and completed a food safety course. Upcoming courses in the fall of 2022 include entrepreneurship and hospitality management. The truck will be used as a student lab for the courses.

The program to develop the truck continues to expand, and will eventually engage other student activity groups in fundraising projects.

The Cove has already been requested by several local businesses, Olson said. It will make its community debut at the upcoming Tulip Festival on May 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“No matter what challenges the future holds, The Cove will be a resource the district can use to engage and connect with students and the community,” Olson said.


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