City’s Ladder 1 Fire Truck Nears Return To Service

Matt Coon, deputy chief of the Jamestown Fire Department, is pictured next to Ladder 1, which has been undergoing a major refurbishment for the last 18 months. The truck should be back in service within the next couple of weeks. P-J photos by Eric Tichy

Jamestown firefighters will be happy to have Ladder 1 back in service.

Matt Coon, Jamestown deputy fire chief, told City Council members recently the ladder truck is back in Jamestown with work 98% complete after a lengthy delay.

“I’m extremely thrilled that the ladder truck has been returned in near like-new condition,” Coon said. “Members are excited to have their vehicle back. They take a lot of pride in the ladder truck.”

The truck was scheduled to be out of service for refurbishment for six months at Pierce Manufacturing’s plant in Wisconsin. However, the process was delayed due to supply chain shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of a six-month wait, the department waited about 18 months to get the ladder truck back to Jamestown. The truck was returned Jan. 7.

Firefighters were re-outfitting the truck, putting all the tools and equipment back into it, so that it could be returned to service.

“A lot had to do with COVID and supply chain issues,” said Coon, who also noted that it took some time to find a truck driver to haul the massive fire engine from the city to the Pierce plant.

During the past 18 months, Jamestown fire used its reserve ladder truck, which has been housed at Station 1 at city hall.

Coon gave credit to members of the truck committee for their work on the refurbishment process. The committee includes Roger Sigular, Cris Dalhgren, Dan Mangione and Adam Akin. The deputy fire chief is also part of the committee.

“It should be in the coming week that we’ll have it back in service,” Coon said.


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