Ben Troche Follows In Father’s Footsteps With Election To Lakewood Board

Voters are pictured at the polls on Election Day. P-J photo by Katrina Fuller

The Lakewood Village Board will have a different look with the election of Benjamin Troche and Nancy Jones.

Troche and Jones, both Republicans, received 442 and 423 votes, respectively, to be elected.

Troche said being elected is “quite humbling,” and he appreciates that village of Lakewood voters “trusted and believed” in him to take on the issues facing Lakewood, as well as the future of the village itself.

“I look forward to working hard to make sure this trust is kept,” he said. “My vision is simple, but the challenges are complex. A few goals I have is to make sure our village departments have the resouces needed to provide our residents with the services they deserve. I also want to continue our rrent board’s priority of making sure our village buildings are properly maintained for the future. Finally, I want to help make our village more of a destination for commerce, specifically working with the great business owners of Chautauqua Avenue and Fairmount Avenue.”

Elsewhere in The Post-Journal’s readership area, results in uncontested races include:

Ben Troche

Charlotte: Allen Chase received 320 votes to remain town supervisor. Also running uncontested were Susan Peacock for town clerk (321 votes), Mark Abbey (311 votes) and Darren Carlstrom (294 votes) for positions on the Charlotte Town Board and Mark LeBaron, who received 321 votes to remain highway superintendent.

Cherry Creek: William W. Young received 98 votes for Cherry Creek town supervisor, with Mary Pulliam receiving 144 votes for town clerk, James Abbey receiving 145 votes for town clerk, Kenneth Chase getting 145 votes for highway superintendent and Mia Abbey receiving 148 votes for tax collector.

Ellery: There were no contested races in Ellery, with Arden Johnson receiving 745 votes to remain town supervisor. Lawrence Wallace received 785 votes for town justice and John Cresanti (750 votes) and Lawrence Anderson (734 votes) will serve on the Town Board.

Bemus Point: Bemus Point candidates re-elected after running opposed are Bryan Dahlberg, mayor, receiving 84 votes and Michele Novotny and Margaret Richardson for Village Board with 78 and 83 votes, respectively.

Ellicott: Sally Jaroszynski received 1,084 votes to remain as town justice. Patrick Tyler received 170 votes to remain on the Town Board in Ward 1, Janet Bowman was unopposed in Ward 2 and received 399 votes, Katy Whitmore ran unopposed in Ward 3 and received 313votes, Daniel Heitzenrater was unopposed in Ward 4 and received 357 votes, and Robert Pickett was unopposed for highway superintendent and received 1,257 votes.

Celoron: Positions in Celoron were uncontested this year, with Scott Schrecengost receiving 103 votes to remain mayor. Michael Moss and William Burley were elected to the Village Board with 98 and 87 votes, with Kenneth Berlund receiving 91 votes to fill a vacancy on the Village Board.

Falconer: Anthony Cavallaro and Annette Miller received 187 and 183 votes, respectively, to be elected to the Falconer Village Board.

Clymer: Denis Cooper the lone Sherman/Mina/French Creek/Clymer town justice candidate, receiving 910 votes in the four towns. Todd Kolstee and Leonard Neckers Jr. were the lone candidates for Town Board, receiving 248 and 227 votes, respectively, and Willowe Neckers received 244 votes to be elected tax collector.

Ellington: There are two candidates for two positions on the Ellington Town Board: Barbara Beightol, endorsed by the Democratic and Conservative parties, and Kevin Colburn, endorsed by the Republican Party. They were elected with 154 and 233 votes, respectively.

French Creek: Denis Cooper ran unopposed for Sherman/Mina/French Creek/Clymer town justice, receiving 910 votes combined in the four towns for the newly created regional position. Town Board candidates Wayne Emory and Norvel Willink were elected with 146 and 141 votes, respectively, Stephen Linton was elected highway superintendent with 156 votes and Brenda White was elected town tax collector with 151 votes.

Gerry: Four positions were uncontested in the town of Gerry. Richard Heath received 362 votes for town supervisor, Recia Myers received 359 votes for townclerk Randy Zahm and Todd Wiseman received 341 and 347 votes, respectively, for Town Board and Brian Anderson received 343 votes for highway superintendent.

Harmony: David Hinderer and Peter Radka were re-elected to the Harmony Town Board with 337 and 316 votes, respectively.

Panama: Kimberly Davis received 92 votes to remain on the Panama Village Board.

Kiantone: All positions in the town of Kiantone were unopposed this year, with Joshua Ostrander receiving 296 votes for town supervisor, Gail Davis receiving 277 votes for town clerk, Mindy Ostrander and Robert Buchanan receiving 288 and 261 votes for two town justice positions, Richard Landman and Kent Sturzenbecker receiving 259 and 275 votes for Town Board positions, and Robert Carlson receiving 237 votes for town highway superintendent.

Mina: There were no contested races in Mina. Rebecca Brumagin received 160 votes to remain town supervisor. Sherrie Tanner received 271 votes for town clerk while Richard Watrous (251 votes) and Brian Sullivan (230 votes) were elected to positions on the Mina Town Board and William Himelein, with 264 votes, was elected highway superintendent. Denis Cooper ran unopposed for the Sherman/Mina/French Creek/Clymer town justice and received 910 votes combined in the four towns.

Poland: Kelly Snow was re-elected to another term as Poland town supervisor with 417 votes. Also re-elected was Bonitta Wallace with 423 votes for town clerk. Corey Swanson and Robert Smith were unopposed for the Poland Town Board with 180 and 350 votes, respectively.

Town/Village of Sherman: Denis Cooper ran unopposed for Sherman/Mina/French Creek/Clymer town justice, receiving 910 votes combined in the four towns for the newly created regional position. Howard Crump and Benjamin Nickerson ran unopposed for two positions on the Sherman Town Board, receiving 228 and 256 votes, respectively. Colleen Meeder remains Sherman village mayor with 68 votes, Gary Emory and Kirk Ayers were elected to the Village Board with 94 and 98 votes, respectively, and Dennis Watson received 105 votes to fill a vacant position on the Village Board.

Stockton: Jeremy Beichner received 374 votes to be elected Stockton Town Justice with Stanley Zembryski and Hannah Abram receiving 164 and 330 votes, respectively, for positions on the Stockton Town Board.

Cassadaga: William Dorman will remain Cassadaga mayor after receiving 127 votes while Cynthia Flaherty and Mark Wilson receiving 115 and 113 votes in their respective elections to the Village Board.

Town of Westfield: No positions were opposed in Westfield, with Jerry LaPorte the only candidate for town justice, receiving 724 votes, and William Northrop and David Spann unopposed for two Town Board positions, receiving 597 and 626 votes, respectively.


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