Obstetrics ‘Challenges’ Continue At Brooks-TLC

Labor and delivery services at Brooks-TLC Hospital System in Dunkirk continue to face challenges, according to a news release issued on Friday afternoon.

During this time, births will not take place in the obstetrics unit as the temporary contingency plan addresses patients arriving to the Emergency Department in active labor or where delivery is imminent. “The remaining OB staff are working to complement (emergency department) staff in emergent delivery situations,” said Mary LaRowe, Brooks-TLC president and CEO. “Our on-call providers and pediatricians are available for consultations and to support emergent OB situations as they arise.”

Last week, a contingency plan was developed in consultation with the New York state Department of Health and in coordination with Brooks-TLC’s providers and regional partners that support its obstetrics and gynecological services. That plan calls for the transfer of mothers and newborns, post-delivery, to the John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital, or the facility of their choice, for post-partum recovery. Patients should discuss their options for delivery with their providers.

“We have faced staffing challenges as have many hospitals across the state,” LaRowe said. “That, compounded by the national nursing shortage and loss of staff who did not receive the COVID-19 vaccine, has significantly impacted all services. Our obstetrics unit was affected the most and as a result, we have temporarily reduced the services we can provide.”

Through last week, New York state reported about Brooks-TLC staff members were 90% vaccinated, lagging behind UPMC Chautauqua in Jamestown where 97% had received one dose.

“We are working to recruit staff – particularly nurses for the OB department,” said Ken Morris, chief operating officer at Brooks-TLC. “We fully intend to increase labor and delivery services as the hospital recovers from the vaccine mandate and the recent wave of COVID-19 magnified by the nursing shortage.”

The John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital of Buffalo is the regional center for comprehensive and state-of-the-art pediatric trauma, surgical and medical care, including neonatal, perinatal and obstetrical services. Oishei Children’s specializes in making childbirth a special experience for all women. Its caring team of healthcare providers combines a state-of-the-art facility with family-centered care.


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