Carroll To Recognize Historic Locations

The plaques the Carroll Historical Society will be dedicating to the Frew Home and the Marty Gage Happy Face Barn starting at 1 p.m. Saturday. Submitted photos

FREWSBURG — Two historic places — one the home of the founder of Frewsburg and the other the most recognizable barn in Chautauqua County — will be honored by the Carroll Historical Society Saturday.

Starting at 1 p.m., the historical society will dedicate a historic plaque recognizing the Frew Home, which is located on Main Street across from The Magnolia.

Harold Bennett, Carroll Historical Society president, said the Frews were the founders of Frewsburg, with a plaque dedicated by the state several decades ago acknowledging the structure as the first in Frewsburg. However, Bennett said the original plaque had the wrong year the house was constructed.

“The place was built around 1817,” he said. “Well, New York state had put the wrong information. They had put on the plaque that the house was built in 1807 and the Frews didn’t come here until 1817. So, after all of these years of having the wrong sign, we decided to do something about it. We replaced the sign with the correct information on it.”

The second location that will receive a plaque is known as “Marty Gage’s Happy Face Barn.”

“The place has kind of been the gateway of Frewsburg coming from Jamestown,” Bennett said. “Everyone recognizes the happy face barn as they come into town.”

Bennett said the barn was originally moved from Jamestown to Frewsburg in 1906. In 1982, the late Martin Gage, who was inspired by a happy face barn he had seen in the midwest, asked artist Travis Johnson to paint a smiling sun on his barn. Bennett said, earlier this year in May, the Carroll Historical Society recognized Johnson’s and the barn’s contribution to the town with a plaque.

“This was the last year Travis will be painting that barn,” Bennett said. “We made the barn as a new location for a historic marker. We are recognizing Marty Gage’s barn as a historic location.”

Bennett said at the Frew Home, Mike Frew, who is the oldest Frewsburg family member, and his granddaughter, Summer Frew, will be unveiling the plaque Saturday. At the barn, Bennett said Johnson will be unveiling the plaque and Marty’s son Mark Gage will be making some remarks.

“We think it’s important to recognize some of these older buildings as historic places,” Bennett said. “We’re looking in the future to do this for other buildings and locations in the town.”

The public is welcome to attend the plaque dedications, and admission is free.


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