Lakewood Again Tables Chautauqua Avenue Resolution

Pictured are members of the Lakewood Village Board of Trustees and Mayor Randy Holcomb. P-J photo by Katrina Fuller

LAKEWOOD — A resolution for additional construction administration and inspection for the Chautauqua Avenue Green Street Retrofit Project has been tabled once again.

The amendment amounts to $28,320, and the project is being handled by Barton and Loguidice.

Village board member Ellen Barnes said the current amended contract amount is for $117,513, and $95,000.72 of that has been spent.

Nicole Cleary from Barton and Loguidice agreed that the current contractual amount has been spent; it just hasn’t been invoiced yet.

“The $28,000 is in addition to that starting after the substantial completion date,” she said. “B and L are covering any time charges that were related to the intersection modifications, and we were just asking to enforce the engineering charges through the contract for the additional construction administration and inspection that is required beyond the substantial completion date. I do think it may change the contract, but I’m not 100% sure. I don’t want to give you an incorrect answer. We could definitely get back to you first thing tomorrow.”

She said everything in the amendment is for work from Aug. 6 through the substantial completion date, which is estimated to be in mid-October.

Board member Richard Fischer said the village will be billed for a week of taking the bricks out of the intersection of Chautauqua Avenue as well as being billed for having them put back in.

“I don’t think the village should have to pay for that because it wasn’t our fault and you’re talking some, from what it says on that paper, you’re talking $5,600 for those two weeks of just that corner and I just can’t say in good faith I’m going to vote for that to happen.”

“This is just to finish the rest of Chautauqua Avenue, Third Street, down Second Street?” asked Barnes, which was affirmed.

Board member Doug Schutte pointed out that the original approved budget for construction was $46,916, but only $26,812 had been invoiced. Cleary said the $46, 916 had been spent but was separate from the fee amendment.

“Our recommendation is to pursue the engineering charges through the contractor so it would not be on the village to cover those costs, but to enforce it through the contractor,” she said.

Barnes said she was still confused.

“In order for us to vote on this to approve it, we’re going to need all the solid numbers to know exactly where we stand,” she said. “Even then unbilled invoices up to this time, because this requires increasing that and then probably we’re going to need to speak with our attorney, who unfortunately couldn’t be here tonight.”

Fischer had questions about time spent working on the project and wondered if comparisons of timesheets could be made between Barton and Loguidice and Kingsview Paving.

“Some of the retailers are saying that Kingsview wasn’t there working,” he said. “Can we match Kingsview’s timesheets against your timesheets to say you were there watching these guys? If the guys weren’t working, I don’t know how an inspector can be there, and we pay an inspector to watch these guys.”

Cleary said the ability to track time charges is possible.

“What would work best for B and L here as far as just getting the numbers?” Barnes asked. “We want to be able to act on this and do what we need to do to get the project completed. I just think we’re going to need to know those final numbers in order to vote.”

Cleary mentioned setting up a call that included the village attorney outside of the board meeting to figure out the issues and provide the needed documents.

Barnes moved to table the resolution until the Sept. 27 meeting of the Lakewood Village Board, which was passed unanimously.


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