Cattaraugus County Fair To Be Held From Aug. 1-7

The 178th Cattaraugus County Fair will be held from Aug. 1-7 with several family-friendly events on the fair schedule.

Among them is Commerford’s Petting Zoo, founded by Robert W. Commerford more than 40 years ago. It all began with some simple horse buying and selling, but soon they were showing up at local county fairs with rides and parade costumes on. Since then they’ve added elephants, camels, ponies, kangaroos, and other exotic animals to their family. To keep visitors entertained while animals rest, there is also a super-slide, carousel, and other fun rides.

One of the many free with gate admission grounds entertainment to be offered is the returning favorite, Indian River Olde Time Lumberjack Show. The lumberjack show takes place three times a day and takes a journey into the skills, strength, and courage of the old-time lumberjack, in both a humorous and educational format.

The Indian River Olde Time Lumberjack Show is in its 21st year of performing throughout the United States and Canada. Shows feature underhand chopping, crosscut saw races, springboard chopping, log rolling, obstacle pole bucking, axe throwing and chainsaw carving.

Another free performance with gate admission grounds entertainment is the Sea Lion Splash. Sea Lion Splash is a unique educational show with a splash. The sea lions balance balls, shoot hoops, dance, perform handstands and show their pretty smiles. The show features both California and South American sea lions.

The natural exhibit is presented in a tropical setting with rocks, palm trees, waterfalls, foliage and two pools. Trainers Marco and Philip Peters have been recognized by millions of people. Sea lions are natural performers and will ad lib without prompting, stealing the show with their cute mischief.

Also offered free with gate admission grounds entertainment is the Swifty Swine Racing Pigs. Swifty and his friends race for an Oreo cookie waiting on a silver platter at the finish line. Swifty Swine travels all over the United States.

There are several performances each day, with specific times listed at cattarauguscofair.com


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