State Assesses City’s Budget As Adequate

Auditors for the state Comptroller’s Office found the city of Jamestown’s adopted 2021 budget to be adequate giving the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Thursday, Thomas P. DiNapoli, state comptroller, announced the review findings done by auditors of 20 adopted budgets of various counties, cities, towns and villages across the state to assess whether local officials adequately considered the impact of the pandemic on their financial operations while developing their 2021 fiscal year budgets.

According to DiNapoli’s office, auditors found officials in the city of Jamestown adequately assessed the impact of the pandemic on financial operations while developing estimates for significant revenues and expenditures in the 2021 adopted budget.

A recommendation from the Comptroller’s Office to city of Jamestown officials included the consideration of the continually new and evolving impacts caused by the pandemic.

“City (of Jamestown) officials should carefully monitor their budgeted to actual revenues and expenditures and make amendments to the budget as needed throughout the year,” the announcement stated.

The announcement said the purpose of the state comptroller’s budget review was to provide an independent evaluation of Jamestown’s adopted budget for the 2021 fiscal year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had various levels of impact on the financial operations of local governments across the state, with some local governments having seen little to no impact on their financial operations, while others have seen more significant impacts due to reductions and/or increases to their revenues and/or expenditures.

The pandemic has also created a difficult environment for officials to develop annual budgets given the unknowns of future financial impacts.

The Comptroller’s Office also found the 2021 budgets for the town of Bolton, Elma and Niskayuna and Essex County to be adequate.

The Comptroller’s Office found problems with the 2021 budgets for the city of Amsterdam, Long Beach and the town of Springfield.


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