County Recognizes Week 9 COVID Heroes

MAYVILLE — Chautauqua County Executive PJ Wendel and the COVID-19 Response Team recently announced the ninth week of COVID-19 Hero nominations for April 5-9.

“This week we continue recognizing individuals doing a wide variety of work to make a positive impact on our community,” said County Executive PJ Wendel. “I want to again personally thank our week nine nominees: Cheryl Farr, Lake Shore Family Center, Rebecca Lanphere, Tanya Oltz, Ed Sluga, Steve Schade, Anthony Muscarella, Bryan Berek, Jonathan Bogue, and Andrew Ludwig. These individuals have risen to the challenge of helping others during a global pandemic, and are truly our COVID-19 Heroes.”

Cheryl Farr is the administrator at Heritage Green, and has worked in long-term care with Heritage since 1995. She cares deeply for her team and residents and is weathering the COVID-19 storm every day, tirelessly keeping a team of care givers in place and mourning for the residents they have lost. Cheryl is working her hardest and doing a great job to work through the emotions and challengers of the pandemic to uplift her team and ensure they are providing excellent care for their residents.

The team at Lake Shore Family Center have remained open through the entire COVID-19 pandemic, supporting essential workers by giving them a safe place to leave their children while they went to work. Kudos to them on being able to ensure safe, high quality child care remained available in their area during these difficult times.

Rebecca Lanphere works for AfterCare Nursing and goes above and beyond in her duties. Throughout the pandemic she checked on her clients everyday even when she wasn’t scheduled to make sure they were well. She bought their groceries when they had no money to get any and paid co-pays when needed. Even after all these months Rebecca still continues to do these things. She helps whenever she sees a need, and is a huge gift to our community.

Tanya Oltz works for Securitas and has been on the front lines as head of security at her site. Security isn’t thanked enough for what they do weather it’s at the hospital, airport, steel factory, hotel chains etc. Tanya and her team work very hard and long hours in full PPE gear taking temperatures and COVID-screening in addition to their usual duties to ensure everyone is safe and heathy to work.

Ed Sluga works for the US Postal Service and went above and beyond to help his customers throughout the pandemic. Ed always helps customers with a smile, even when they were stressed with the pandemic conditions or sending essential supplies to family. The person who nominated Ed especially appreciated his help and advice while sending out Care Packages to their daughter early in the pandemic. As the area she lived in was hit hard, Ed helped with sending care packages with various supplies they were unable to find, including one package with 32.5 pounds of toilet paper! The community is very thankful for Ed, and glad he has stayed healthy throughout the pandemic.

Steve Schade is a home health aide and has worked throughout the pandemic despite being at very high risk for complications of COVID-19 if he were to catch it. He still goes to work and never complains. Thank you Steve for putting your health second to the needs of your clients.

Anthony Muscarella is a volunteer firefighter and EMT with Sheridan Volunteer Fire Department. He recently became the first assistant chief and has implemented an EMT refresher program for their members. Anthony has answered many alarms throughout the trying times of the pandemic, and will continue to do so regardless of the risks to ensure his community is taken care of.

Bryan Berek is also a member of the Sheridan Volunteer Fire Department, and also has worked as a personal shopper throughout the pandemic. Bryan recently obtained his EMT certification and has run a number of COVID-19 related emergency calls during the pandemic in addition to usual fire and rescue calls. Bryan takes great pride in his role as a volunteer firefighter/EMT.

Jonathan Bogue has worked throughout the pandemic as the County Courier and now at the Department of Public Facilities. He has been faithful to this community performing his work diligently. Jon has been invested beyond his required duties with seemingly effortless good cheer and kindness to all he works with and those whose paths have crossed his own. So many are grateful to know and work with Jon.

Andrew Ludwig is the principal at Northern Chautauqua Catholic School and has worked tirelessly to open school on time in September and continue without interruption. Due to his dedication and commitment to the children they are able to attend classes in person and love it. Mr. Ludwig is a bundle of energy and will do whatever is needed, whether it’s sanitizing the school, shoveling the sidewalks, monitoring the lunchroom, greeting the parents and students or maintaining COVID-19 mandates, he has managed to keep his school open for all students grades PreK-8, five days a week.

Nominations closed on March 31, 2021.


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