Council To Vote On Telecommunications Auditing Services

It’s difficult to find an error when you’re dealing with just one bill let alone dozens.

That is why the Jamestown City Council will be voting today to possibly enter into a contract with a telecommunications invoice auditing service. Telecom invoice auditing is a detailed review of bills along with the data analysis of the various telecom services and their related expenses.

Earlier this month during a work session meeting, the council heard from Keith Venezie, Eric Ryan Corp. CEO, about the telecommunications invoice auditing services his company, which is located north of Pittsburgh, provides. He said Eric Ryan Corp. has been in business for 30 years and has done work in all 50 states, with around 120 employees working all over the country. He added that he has worked with Fortune 500 companies and municipalities like Chautauqua County.

Venezie said the business format for Eric Ryan Corp., with the company being named after Venezie’s two sons, is a shared savings model with no upfront cost and fees.

“It’s only when we find savings and you actually realize the savings that we share,” he said. “We don’t recommend spending money to save it. You never know what we will find.”

Eric Ryan Corp. receives payment by finding savings in telecommunication relates services, which would include land lines and cell phones. Venezie said his business is rewarded 18% of all savings found through the auditing services. He said Eric Ryan Corp. was able to save Chautauqua County $80,000. He added the business is now starting to work with Jamestown Public Schools District officials.

“We had great success with the county,” he said.

Venezie also said there is no obligation after the business does its auditing report on potential savings. He said with the dynamics of the pandemic, with how government and businesses have changed how they do business, Eric Ryan Corp. officials are finding more and more billing errors.

“If we find something and you don’t want to implement it, there is no fee,” he said. ”

In other business, the council will also be discussing the replacement of a utility vehicle. According to an office memo from Patrick Monaghan, city fleet manager, to Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist, the utility vehicle is an important piece of equipment used daily in maintaining city parks. The fiscal impact of the purchase is $17,062, which will be charged to the Parks Department 2020 budget.


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