BPU Approves Provider For City Container Program

The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities has selected the provider of the new garbage cans that will be issued to residential customers for the new citywide container program.

On Monday during the monthly BPU meeting, Rehrig Pacific Company was approved to provide 15,000 solid waste containers in the amount of $830,500, with each container having RFID tags, which will also include the RFID system hardware and software.

The new program is scheduled to start July 1. David Leathers, BPU general manager, said the current BPU timeline has the containers being distributed to residential customers in May.

Last fall, BPU officials started discussing the citywide container program, which will be similar to the recycling credit program started in March 2014 when orange recycling bins were issued to customers. Each customer will be issued a 95-gallon garbage can, which will include a lid. Customers who would like a smaller garbage can will be able to apply to be issued a 35-gallon instead of the 95-gallon container. Of the 15,000 garbage cans the BPU will be purchasing, there will be 14,500 95-gallon solid waste cans and 500 35-gallon containers.

Last October, Leathers said if a customer is negligent with the garbage can and it needs to be replaced there will be a $60 charge or a $20 fee for repairs. He added that if a garbage can needs to be replaced or repaired because of normal wear and tear, the customer will not be charged. He said anyone not following the rules of the new program will be charged, like if they just place a bag of garbage on the curbside.

The board also approved a resolution to purchase six Perkins solid waste container tipping units in the amount of $54,360. Leathers said the tipping units will be installed on the garbage trucks.

In the spring, Leathers said BPU staff will be discussing the new program with the Jamestown City Council. He also said BPU officials are working on providing information about the new program to residential customers. The project expenditures are included in the 2021 solid waste capital budget.


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