Dunkirk Mayor Eyes Vaccination Clinic In City

DUNKIRK — Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas has recently been in contact with county and state health officials in hopes of bringing a COVID-19 vaccination clinic to the city.

“The city has been working with the Chautauqua County Health Department as well as the New York State Health Department to bring vaccination sessions for COVID-19 here to the city of Dunkirk,” Rosas told members of the Dunkirk Common Council. “Hopefully this will be happening relatively soon. This would be for those people who are eligible under phase 1a and 1b. Further information is going to come out through the county health department and the state. There probably will be appointments needed and required for this. What I’ve been trying to push for and I hope we’ll have a location here in the city of Dunkirk to provide these vaccinations.”

Sentiments were shared by other members of the council, including Second Ward Councilman Marty Bamonto and Third Ward Councilman James Stoyle.

“We’ve known people that have had it, we know people that have passed on because of it and we know people that are currently sick because of it and our hospital is full, so let’s try to keep the crowds down and do the right thing,” Bamonto said.

“I asked the mayor and the public safety committee to meet with these officials with the state health and the county health department to get somebody in here for vaccines for city residents,” Stoyle added. “I’ve been watching this for six weeks on the news and it seems the more you get away from the federal government the faster these things are happening.” Stoyle “The last three weeks the city of Dunkirk has been the epicenter of this county.”

As of Thursday, 64 new cases were reported, nine involving people living in the Dunkirk zip code, two in Fredonia and 16 in Jamestown.


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