Making Headway

Dunkirk Cleanup Going Well Following Storm

Debris has largely been cleaned up at the entrance to Point Gratiot Park in Dunkirk. Photos by Jo Ward

DUNKIRK — Cleanup in the city of Dunkirk from the Nov. 15 wind storm is going well, according to Director of Public Works Randy Woodbury.

“St. George is making a lot of headway on Lake Front Boulevard, they have the debris out of the roadway for the most part. We turned that road completely over to them throughout the repair of the retaining wall and they’re doing a great job,” Woodbury said.

The streets and sidewalks are pretty much clear, but the big issue is the damage to Point Gratiot, which took the brunt of the damage. “No one here can every remember Crooked Brook being that high,” Woodbury lamented. “I’m just glad we had the pump station at the point so well fortified or we’d have had a huge issue.”

The Point isn’t open yet, but Woodbury shared that it should only be a few days more before it is.

“It’s taking time, it’s 100 acres and the parks team is going through looking at the trees and making sure there’s no chance of falling branches that could potentially hurt pedestrians,” Woodbury stated.

Cleanup work is pictured on the Dunkirk Pier.

Woodbury wants to thank all the city residents that have thanked them for the work that they’ve done and wants to add that if there are any other issues the city isn’t aware of that they’re able to help with, to please call 366-4411 and leave a message.

Besides Dunkirk, there also was heavy damage reported in Sunset Bay last week as well as other areas along the shore from Portland to Hanover.

Wind gusts reached more nearly 70 mph while stirring Lake Erie.


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