GA Home Kiln Relocates To Clymer Central School

CLYMER — A piece of the GA Home in Jamestown has made the trip to Clymer Central School.

Brianne Fadale, Clymer Central School high school principal, said Jason Beckwith, CFO at Lutheran, reached out to her to see if the school was interested in any items that hadn’t sold at an auction of GA Home items.

As a result, two kilns used for making ceramics have been relocated to Clymer.

“They still had some things left and he reached out to me and said, ‘Hey, we have this thing. What is this?'” Fadale said during a recent Clymer Central School board meeting. “I said that’s a kiln for ceramics. Yes, we would love to have that. So we got a kiln, which is awesome, we have two for the building. There are lot of tother things we got — I think we got some kitchen equipment, we got some office supplies. We loaded up some trucks with stuff.”

Fadale had invited Beckwith to attend Clymer’s Nov. 18 board meeting so that district officials could express their gratitude, but Beckwith wasn’t able to attend.

“This was really cool,” Fadale said. “Mrs. Paul, our elementary art teacher, had the kids make a card. My ceramics students, we made him a couple of things with the kiln. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but we’ll get it to him. I really wanted to say thank you. We’re really appreciate of those things we got.”


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