Original Halloween Costume

Submitted photo
Submitted photo

Josephine Buttafarro, a 7-year-old Southwestern Central School student, has picked an original Halloween costume this year. Josie has always loved history, especially Abe Lincoln. Her father, Tom Buttafarro Jr. of Jamestown, is also a history enthusiast and has been telling the story of Abe Lincoln and Grace Bedell to his daughter for as long as he can remember. Josie is always trying to find out new details about Abe’s life. Recently, she made a trip to Westfield with her dad to see the statues of Lincoln and Grace Bedell. Josie knew then that she wanted to be Grace Bedell for Halloween, but only if her father would be Lincoln. On Saturday, Josie and her father made the trip again to Westfield to take pictures with the statues in their Halloween costumers– with Josie as Grace Bedell and Tom Buttafarro Jr. as Lincoln.


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