More CARES Act Funding To Assist City Residents, Businesses

City officials have received additional federal funding that once again will go toward assisting city residents and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How $302,569 in additional CARES Act funding will possibly be spent was outlined this week in a resolution that was part of the agenda for the Jamestown City Council’s work session meeting. However, no discussion was held on the proposal.

There will again be two programs the funding will go toward, however, one of the programs has changed while one has remained.

According to the resolution, $157,184 will go toward the CDBG COVID-19 Response Small Business Recovery Grant, which is the same program that received federal funding earlier this year.

“One will be small business assistance and will be similar to the prior round with just a few minor changes to the application,” Crystal Surdyk, city development director, told The Post-Journal.

The city received $704,811 in the first allocation of CARES Act funding. Of the $704,811 in funding, $600,000 was allocated to two programs, one to assist local businesses and one to help renters. The other $104,811 went toward administration costs. Businesses were allowed to apply for up to $20,000 in funding while renters were allowed to apply for $1,500.

In August, Surdyk told the council that 27 grants were given to businesses totalling $528,700. She said, at the time, 28 renters had received assistance, with more applications still to be processed. If those applications were approved, then $71,300 was provided to city tenants.

Businesses and tenants that applied needed to provide proof of negative economic impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic to receive funding.

For the second round of funding, the new program is a CDBG COVID-19 Response Utility Assistance Program, with $100,000 being allocated toward this new program.

“The second program will be utility assistance rather than rental,” Surdyk said. “There are a few other options in the county for rental assistance so we decided not to duplicate resources.”

Also during the second phase of CARES Act funding, $45,385 is also being allocated toward administration costs.

Surdyk said city officials are still working with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development officials on the specifics of the assistance programs. The council is slated to vote on the proposal during its voting session meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday.

“Once we receive (the) council and HUD approval, we will open up the application period,” Surdyk said. “We anticipate that to begin on Nov. 2.”

For more information, visit www.jamestownny.gov.


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