Candidate Offers Another Choice For District 23

Scott Noren acknowledges he is a long-shot running as a write-in candidate for Congressional District 23. That, however, has not slowed what he called his “solo effort” in the final week of the campaign.

On Monday, Noren made a stop in southern Chautauqua County to tout his ideas and platforms. He met with a number of groups and dropped off lawn signs — some placed on Route 60 at the city’s entrance.

During a phone interview this week, Noren had just finished admiring a new 460 Smith & Wesson revolver he recently purchased. “I grew up with guns. … (I) shot it for the first time today it has a massive kick,” he said.

In making that remark, the Ithaca resident said he was taking aim at Democrat Tracy Mitrano’s stance on the Second Amendment, noting he does not believe she represents the district when it comes to guns.

“I’m going continue to post (signs) all over the district,” Noren said. “The goal is there is a third choice. I’m trying to drain the swamp on the Democratic side.”

Noren also is no fan of the incumbent, U.S. Rep. Tom Reed. One of the reasons he said he was running for office was due to a 35-minute phone conversation about the serious issue of overdosing in rural America.

“He listened and he did jack.. Something’s got to give because even though we’re in a pandemic we still have people dying from the opioid crisis and probably even more,” he said.

Noren also took on Reed’s lack of ability to get bills passed, pointing to two that have renamed post offices.

Noren’s campaign biography notes he is a husband and father of a special needs daughter, and of two other daughters and a son. He has been an advocate and provider for special needs healthcare for over 20 years, and is an opioid issue expert. He is also a U.S. Army vet, an athlete in Olympic weightlifting. He also noted, that as a businessman, he knows businesses are being taxed out of New York state and the Southern Tier.

“There’s nobody that I’m closely aligned to,” he said. “That’s why I’m an outsider.”


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