Abrams-Hill To Run For Seneca Nation Treasurer

Sandra Abrams-Hill

SENECA NATION ALLEGANY TERRITORY — Sandra Abrams-Hill of the Wolf Clan has announced her candidacy for Seneca Nation treasurer.

A resident of the Allegany Territory, Abrams-Hill will be running at the Seneca Party Caucus and seeks to then advance to the nation’s general election in November.

“I have decided to take the challenge to run for treasurer for the Seneca Nation based upon the difficult times we are facing today,” Abrams-Hill said. “With the COVID-19 pandemic there has also been loss of revenues which have negatively impacted our nation. I possess the education, knowledge, experience and passion to put this all to work to continue to provide the most essential services to our nation in addition to growing our nation economically.”

Abrams-Hill plans to focus her campaign not only strengthening the Seneca Nation’s fiscal operations and generating economic development, she hopes to “preserve of who we are as Seneca people through language and culture initiatives.”

“Today we are losing our fluent Seneca speakers but we have so many of our younger generations learning and teaching the Seneca language,” she said. “I’m so proud of those who are working so diligently to make our culture and language a priority throughout the Seneca Nation. It’s a key pillar of sovereignty. It’s time to make a change. This I cannot do alone, we need a council that stands strong and united to work on goals so our nation survives this difficult time we face. A united community working together makes an incredible difference in making us one of the strongest nations in the Iroquois Confederacy.”

The Seneca Party Caucus will be held Sept. 18 on the Allegany and Cattaraugus territories.


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