Busti Town Solar Law Is On Horizon

The town of Busti is in the process of drafting legislation expected to cover the construction and operation of solar arrays.

LAKEWOOD — The Busti Town Board is preparing legislation which would regulate the construction and operation of large-scale solar arrays within town limits.

The board had previously passed a moratorium on the construction of solar farms, allowing time to research and draft legislation which would allow for the development of green energy projects in the future.

Currently, the town has a pending proposal for the construction of a solar array, and its moratorium is set to expire on Aug. 31.

On Monday Councilman Todd Hanson led a review of solar array legislation in place at another municipality, which was provided by town attorney Joel Seachrist.

That legislation covers a large range of regulations, including: environmental considerations, buffers between solar arrays and adjacent properties, perimeter fencing, gates, access roads to the site, glare and reflection from solar panels, signage, utility lighting, height of the solar array, decommissioning procedures and emergency shutoffs.

The board plans to use the framework of the legislation provided to draft the town’s own legal requirements for solar energy companies, with necessary modifications.

After Seachrist drafts a preliminary legal document that can be reviewed, the board hopes to hold a public hearing on the proposed code at its next regular meeting on Sept. 21.

Town Supervisor Jesse Robbins noted that New York state legislation promoting green energy projects could impact future construction projects as well.


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