Ripley Making Preparations For Students’ Return

RIPLEY — While Ripley Central School District is making preparations for the return of students to school, the future remains uncertain, Paul McCutcheon, Ripley board president, told board members at a recent meeting.

Ripley superintendent William Caldwell noted that, although it is not known whether the students will return to school in the fall, the maintenance staff has been busy stripping and waxing the floors in preparation for the return of students.

Caldwell also told the board that Ripley is in a unique position to be able to instruct students in the building, even if the guidelines from the governor require social distancing and limited class size.

“I think we will be one of the only schools in the area that will be able to do in-person instruction all day, every day,” Caldwell said.

In recent national news, President Donald Trump has said he wants all schools to be open in the fall. However, Gov. Andrew Cuomo responded to this saying: “We’re not going to say children should go back to school until we know it’s safe,”

McCutcheon then read a list of all the sixth grade students who graduated from Ripley Central School and “are heading off to junior high.” He congratulated them and thanked everyone who had a part in putting together the sixth grade graduation parade on June 5.

McCutcheon said the new secondary principal at Chautauqua Lake Central School, Rachel Curtin, is a 1991 graduate of Ripley Central School. She now resides in the Dewittville area with her husband, Jacob.

In other business, Caldwell delivered principal Micah Oldham’s report. He noted that the district has been meeting with EL representative, Cindy Rice, via Zoom, and they are working on doing “adventures” with the teachers.

In another matter, the board also conducted its reorganizational session at their meeting. Newly elected member, Heather Chess, and re-elected member, Peter Dorman, each took their oath of office.

Paul McCutcheon was elected as board president and Shaun Waters as board vice-president for the 2020-2021 school year, and Waters was given authorization to act as president in the event of McCutcheon’s absence.

Additionally, Shaun Waters was appointed as legislative Liaison for the district, Peter Dorman was appointed as BOCES Liaison and Heather Chess accepted the appointment of Chautauqua county School Board Liaison.

Victoria Carris was again sworn in as the district clerk and Superintendent William Caldwell was appointed as the purchasing agent for the district.


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