Lily Dale Loosens Restrictions For Guests This Season

A pavilion in Lily Dale will be available for residential and public use this season. Submitted photo

LILY DALE — Lily Fale will not have a restricted number of guests this season.

When the board set the number of visitors allowed in Lily Dale, the state was not even in Phase One of the four-phase plan. Now that the county is in Phase Four, the board has decided to be more lenient regarding the number of guests in the community. Previously stated by the board was a limit of 80 guests at one time.

“There is some ease now with the number of visitors in Lily Dale,” Cara Seekings, vice president of the board, said. “We see Lily Dale as a place of great healing, and to not make that available to people is wrong. We’re not turning people away.”

The board is still requiring the use of masks and social distancing while visiting the community, but they will not turn people away. While guests are allowed in the grounds, all of the workshops are still going to be held virtually.

“They are online so that we may bring people together without exposing our excellent instructors, our great guests, and our participants,” Seekings said. “We’re not unconscious about the safety of our community.”

There will be some services held in-person, though, which include: stump services at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., 2:30 p.m. services in the auditorium, and virtual meditation at 8:30 a.m. everyday. Other sites are open and other activities will occur as well, including the fairy trail, the beach, forest bathing, home circles, and many more, which are all scheduled on their website. The board stated that it is preferred that guests buy gate passes ahead of time online.

“We are inviting the public in to experience peace, healing, and tranquility,” Margaret Ferris, president of the board, said. “Especially since we’ve come through such difficult times.”


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