Frewsburg Sets Meetings For School Reopening

FREWSBURG — Frewsburg Central School District officials are asking parents to participate in online meetings to get their feedback on how the school should reopen this fall.

The first two online meetings for parents of children in kindergarten through sixth grade were held Tuesday and the third meeting for parents with children in grades seven through 12 will be held at 6 p.m. today. Parents can attend the online meeting today or watch a recording of the meeting Tuesday by going to the school district’s website at frewsburgcsd.org.

Shelly O’Boyle, Frewsburg superintendent, said the meetings are being held to get feedback from parents before school district officials submit their reopening plan to the state by July 31.

“We are holding these meetings to give parents as much information as we can about different scenarios,” she said. “We had a really great response. Our community is extremely involved. They listened to the options and they were able to ask questions. A lot of great questions. It gave us an opportunity to preview what the fall might look like and address concerns.”

Following the meeting, parents were given a code that will allow them access to take an online survey about the reopening of schools, which have been closed since March when the COVID-19 pandemic started locally.

“We want (parents) feedback so we can tailor our plan to their feedback as much as we can,” she said.

O’Boyle said the online meetings, virtual office hours with the superintendent and the survey will allow school officials the opportunity to gather the information they need for the reopening plan and to relay to parents what they need to know about their children going back to school in the fall.

“We’re also talking about social distancing, mask wearing and handwashing hygiene, along with how scheduling, transportation and the cafeteria might look like,” she said. “This way it gets parents to start thinking about things and it gives them an opportunity to ask questions.”

O’Boyle said it’s important for district officials to hear from parents about transportation. She said because of the social distancing guidelines, there will be fewer students allowed on buses this fall compared to past years.

“A question on the survey is if the district has difficulty with transportation, would you be able to transport your own child to school,” she said.

Another question on the survey is how comfortable are parents with in-person instruction compared to remote instruction.

“As a district we need to know how many parents feel comfortable sending their children to school because that will impact our configuration of the teaching staff,” she said. “Meaning how many teachers we will need to teach remotely and how many will teach in-person.”

O’Boyle said school district officials have been working on reopening scenarios for more than a month using recommendations from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. She said district officials will have their plan ready by the state’s July 31 deadline.

In other school district business, the board of education met in-person July 9 for the first time since March for its organizational meeting.

“It was different than it has been in the past. We observed social distancing and wore masks, and had hand sanitizer available,” she said. “It was definitely nice to see people in-person again.”

During the meeting, O’Boyle said Chad Chitester was again voted board president and John Spacht was also again elected board vice president.


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