Quarantined Resident Frustrated With Process

FREDONIA — A Fredonia woman who has been quarantined since last week has grown frustrated with a lack of communication from doctor and nurses.

In an interview on Monday with Junette Skelly of Fredonia, she told her story of how she is “assumed” to have COVID-19 and has not been checked on by medical officials, contrary to the statement the county made in a recent news release.

“Thirty-four individuals are in precautionary quarantine status and are being monitored daily by public health nurses,” read the statement by Chautauqua County officials on Saturday.

Skelly says, however, she has not been contacted since she went to see her doctor on Thursday.

On Monday afternoon, Chautauqua County announced the first two positive coronavirus cases. The department also noted the number in quarantine is now 42.

Skelly said she returned from her trip to Rochester on March 8 and 9, where her family visited the Strong Children Museum and restaurant. Skelly explained that she “felt off” when they arrived back home from the trip, but chalked it up to tiredness from driving.

Days later, she began to feel symptoms. “I said, ‘Something doesn’t feel right’ so I started monitoring myself. I started taking my temperature, I started watching to see if I got worse throughout the day,” she said.

Skelly said she had the following symptoms: dry cough, fatigue, tightening of the chest, and a low-grade fever.

On the fourth day of her symptoms, Skelly called her doctor.

The doctor said that she needed to be seen. Skelly went to the doctor Thursday where they conducted a strep throat test and a flu test.

Both of those came back negative.

When she went to her doctor, they gave her a letter stating, “The above patient was evaluated in our office today. We recommend she stay home for 14 days from this date.”

Less than 24 hours later, that changed. “The doctor said on the phone (on Friday) that I am no longer recommended, but ordered, to quarantine and that I am assumed to have COVID-19,” Skelly said.

Skelly also has underlying medical conditions including asthma and diabetes. She has not been tested for COVID-19 and is still experiencing symptoms as of Monday afternoon.


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