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Carroll Officials Apply To TV Competition

Town of Carroll officials are hoping to revitalize the downtown area of Frewsburg with an application to be on the series “Home Town Takeover.” P-J photo by Jay Young

FREWSBURG — The town of Carroll is throwing its hat into the ring for a national competition.

Fans of the television channel HGTV may be familiar with a program that airs on Mondays called “Home Town Takeover” with hosts Ben and Erin Napier.

The series features the couple traveling the country in search of small towns and villages that would benefit from a splash of development.

Town Supervisor Russell Payne is hoping that Carroll fits the bill for a new season of the program.

“I went on and pulled up the website and was on there and I said, ‘Gee, why not?'” Payne said. “Their particular interest was in town properties that need attention or need upgrade. You want your main business district to kind of have a face lift, kind of what they did in Jamestown, the grant operation to upgrade the buildings up along Main Street in Jamestown. I’ve always been interested in that because I have lived here all my life.”

After hearing that HGTV was taking applications from new towns and cities all across the country, Payne went to his fellow board members to see if this is something they would be interested in.

“I told some of the board members I want to run with this and they said, ‘Man, go for it.’ The Community Engagement Team is a new committee and this is the type of thing we are looking for. Things to benefit and improve the town. We are talking about the town park, we’ve got a grant possibility to do the creek walk, connecting it to the downtown district.”

The committee is chaired by Councilman Ken Dahlgren, and is tasked with projects associated with community and infrastructure development and improvement.

As a first order of business, Payne put together some basic information on the town for the application.

“Basically it is biographical information about the town and the address,” he said. “They wanted town history, a little bit of town history and something about the town. Ken Dahlgren, my deputy, had some time ago done an article about town history and it is posted down at the Carroll Historical Society. I borrowed that and adapted that to the program and submitted that.”

That was followed by the creation of a short video resume, featuring photos of areas of potential interest for the show.

“They’re not just exclusively residential fix-ups, but commercial properties as well. I did kind of an expose of what we want to do in the town, showing some of the buildings that need some attention, even in the business district. There are some residential properties around town that obviously need some attention,” Payne said. “When this program came along I said ‘What a unique opportunity to do something for the town.'”


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