Development Of Restaurant Continues For Land Bank

MAYVILLE — Interest has increased in the possible redevelopment of a former Silver Creek lakeside restaurant.

Gina Paradis, Chautauqua County Land Bank Corp. executive director, said a couple of developers have shown interest in the former Hidaway Bay property.

“We’re trying to work through their questions. Trying to get a better feel from the (state Department of Environmental Conservation) in what is feasible there,” she said. “We’ve got some issues with erosion and coastal zone sensitivity. We’re trying to work through that and get proposals from developers. There’s nothing definite yet, but we’re moving in the right direction.”

Last year, land bank officials changed course on how it was trying to market the redevelopment of the property. Paradis said instead of sending out request for proposals to potential developers, land bank officials posted the property on commercial real estate web sites. In 2018, land bank officials had sent out request for proposals to area developers, but Paradis said they didn’t receive any good offers.

In 2017, land bank officials worked with LaBella Associates to create a conceptual site plan for possible redevelopment uses on the property. In 2016, the land bank agreed to acquire the rundown property where Hideaway Bay restaurant used to be located after it was originally set for the county tax foreclosure auction.

Paradis said land bank officials will next decided if they can work with those who have shown interest in the property or if they will have to send out request for proposals again before selecting a developer.

“How we move forward with a purchaser hasn’t been defined yet,” she said. “We’re trying to respond to the interest. We want open communication with potential developers.”

In other business, Paradis said land bank officials will be sending out request for proposals for the management of rural demolitions. She said the current contract with the Jamestown Urban Development Agency is about to expire. She added that having a project manager with experience in demolitions, like JURA, has been helpful to small municipalities who don’t have the first-hand knowledge to manage demolition projects.

“By hiring a project manager, this is one way we help (smaller municipalities) with demolitions,” she said.

Paradis said there have been several rural demolition projects done recently, including one in Ripley, Cherry Creek, Fredonia and Lakewood.

“We have a lot of activity around the county,” she said.


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