Zoning Board Approves Storage Facility Variance

A former city automotive detailing business may soon be renovated into a storage facility.

On Wednesday, the Jamestown Zoning Board of Appeals approved an area variance for 116 W. 22nd St. The petitioner, Anthony Calimeri, told the board he will be changing the 8,000-square-foot building into a climate-controlled storage facility. He said his father, Carl Calimeri, owns the property and is looking to retire. Anthony Calimeri said his father was thinking about selling the building before he decided to venture into the storage facility business.

The reason the area variance was needed is because in a C-M (service and highway commercial district) zone the building’s orientation has to be toward a major street. West 22nd Street is not considered a major street.

Anthony Calimeri said the conversion to turn the building into a storage facility is being estimated to cost $75,000. He told the commission he will be the only employee. He added that no boats or recreational vehicles will be stored outside the building.

There was no written correspondence or public speakers to address the area variance petition.


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