‘Realistic Ideas’

Interest In Mayoral Race A Draw For City Voters

Several voters polled on Election Day expressed an interest in the race for Jamestown mayor. The three-way race intrigued many who turned out at the polls. P-J photo by Carly Gould

The race for Jamestown mayor was on the minds of many voters on Election Day.

The three-way race, between Eddie Sundquist, Andrew Liuzzo and David Wilfong, drew many to the polls.

“All three candidates have good ideas,” said city resident Ed Tomassini. “One particular candidate, I think, has realistic ideas for mayor, while the other two have great ideas that might not be realistic.”

By Tuesday afternoon, almost 800 people had turned out to cast their ballots at three voting locations in Jamestown, including the old train station next to the National Comedy Center, the Tree of Life Evangelical Lutheran Church on East Second Street and the IBEW Local 106 next to Jamestown Community College.

Several voters surveyed said they were most interested about the race for mayor.

Those polled cited several reasons — the three-way race; the fact that the city will see its first new mayor at city hall in about two decades; and the campaigns each candidate promoted.

“This is an unusual race because this is the first time in 20 years that a new mayor will be elected,” said local resident William Reed. “This race is incredibly important not just for the future of Jamestown, but also the immediate present.”

Reed agreed the three-way race was the most interesting part of this year’s election.

“Liuzzo managed to pull off an alternate party,” Reed said. “So I think that’s going to pull a lot of Democratic votes.”

Reed added that he appreciated that the three candidates stayed “relatively clean” during their campaigns. “They understand how important the race is to Jamestown.”

“We’ve had an interesting history of mayors from Independent candidates to Democrats to Republicans,” he continued. “Jamestown has been sculpted negatively or positively by those mayors of the past several centuries.”


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