‘Used Every Day’

Falconer Maximizing Use Of New Sports Complex

Falconer Central School’s new all-weather sports complex has been being put to use since the beginning of the school year. The field, which was rededicated to Bill Race, has been utilized for much more than sports games. P-J file photo by Jordan W. Patterson

FALCONER – Falconer Central School officials and its student body are awaiting completion of its new track. But in the meantime, the all-weather sports complex has been getting its fair use.

Stephen Penhollow, Falconer superintendent, has maintained that the new football field was more than just that.

“Some people get caught up with the idea that this is a football field. This is an all-weather complex and it’s used by so many different groups for so many different purposes,” Penhollow previously told The Post-Journal.

During the Falconer School Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, Jeffrey Jordan, high school/middle school principal, updated the board on the versatility of the field.

“It’s used every day with our students in physical education as well as our teams participating in athletics,” Jordan told the board.

In addition to being used for football and soccer games, the middle school held its “lawn social” with students in grades sixth through eighth.

In September, the field was officially unveiled and rededicated to Bill Race, a former Falconer coach. In response to again having the field named “Bill Race Field,” he submitted a “thank you” letter to the school district that was read by Penhollow on Tuesday.

“Words cannot express how honored I am to be representing the Falconer community and Falconer school,” the letter began, “and all other people responsible for the development of one of the finest athletic complexes in Western New York.”

The all-weather sports complex is part of a $22.9 million capital project. The project was approved in 2017 by district voters and is divided into three phases and among various focus areas throughout the three Falconer schools.

However, Penhollow noted that the progress of the track was “no different than two weeks ago.”

“We still do not have a lined track,” he said.

The contractors, Penhollow said, are waiting for a two-day “window” of dry weather to complete the lining of the track. A primary concern is the dew accumulation over night affecting the fresh lining. He said the school district has “continued to put pressure on (the contractor) on a daily basis.” He was optimistic, weather depending, that the track would be completed at the end of this week or the next.

The superintendent noted that all contractors used in the current project have been “fantastic.”


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