Summer Ahead

Students Are Given A Day Of Fun

The Lincoln Elementary School held its annual PTA Fun Day with several activities available to students Tuesday. With a petting zoo, law enforcement K-9 units, an obstacle course and other fun-oriented stations, Lincoln elementary students were given a day to just have fun before ending the school year. P-J photos by Jordan W. Patterson

After a year of hard work in the classroom, Lincoln Elementary School students were given a day purely dedicated to fun.

The local Parent Teachers Association held its annual PTA Fun Day tailored to help students through an exciting but often sad time. Jessica Jacques, PTA president, and Stacy Vasquez, PTA treasurer, were close by the festivities Tuesday; both are integral in continuing the long-running tradition at Lincoln.

The two parent volunteers have had children attend Lincoln and enjoy the PTA Fun Day. For them, the event is highly anticipated by students.

“They definitely look forward to it,” Jacques said. “It’s just a good way to end the school year.”

The PTA Fun Day was available to all Lincoln students, but for many of the fourth-graders, it was the final day they were together as fellow Lincoln classmates — at least for the time being.

Many of the students will be attending middle school at other locations within the Jamestown Public Schools District.

Students are returning today to receive their report cards, but Tuesday served as the final day of school.

“Some are going on to fifth grade. This is like their one last big, Lincoln hurrah,” Vasquez said.

For Lincoln students, the PTA Fun Day helps them with the transition to summer vacation and into the next school year.

The annual event featured zones for a petting zoo, a law enforcement K-9 unit demonstration, an obstacle course, tug of war and dancing, among other activities. The petting zoo was new to the year-end celebration this year.

Planning for the event began several months ago in order to coordinate all of the stations and volunteers. Parent, teacher and student volunteers also lent a hand across Lincoln school grounds Tuesday. The activities are not selected for any particular educational value. As Jacques described it, the day “is just for fun.”

Regardless of activity or station, students were smiling as they prepared for their brief hiatus before returning to school in the fall≥


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