‘Paint A Pint’

Fundraiser To Assist Findley Lake Library

Library trustee Kelly McDonald oversees the creative endeavors of Darla Phelps and Emily White at the Paint-A-Pint event recently held in Findley Lake. The fundraiser benefits the Alexander Findley Community Library. Photo by David Prenatt

FINDLEY LAKE — People came from near and far — from Florida, South Carolina, Pittsburgh and, of course, Findley Lake — to paint a pint on the patio of Alexander’s on the Lake.

The event, which took place June 11, was sponsored and conducted by the Alexander Findley Community Library. Proceeds from each $20 ticket will go to support summer programming at the library.

Nearly 30 people took part in the fun. Each participant received snacks, beverages and a ticket for a beer of their choosing, as well as the glass pint to be decorated in one of 12 adventure designs.

The atmosphere on the patio of Alexander’s was one of creativity and camaraderie. Terra and Tyler Lent were certainly enjoying themselves.

“It’s great overall, it’s close to home, and something crafty to do,” Terra said. “The weather’s perfect and you get to have a drink.” Tyler was more succinct in his purpose for attending the event. “I’m here to help the library,” he said.

Chris Delcamp of Sherman said she came to enjoy painting. Her daughter, Sam, smiled as she said, “I’m just here for the drink.” Their friend, Heather White from French Creek, was enjoying the social aspect of the event. “Being with my friends, Chris and Sam, is the best part of tonight’s event,” she said.

Jo-Ann Travis said “I came all the way from Florida just to be at this event.” However, she did Jokingly admit that she was there to visit her family, as well.

Sammi Travis, of Pittsburgh, took a more tongue-in-cheek approach. “I’m here for the camaraderie, the fun, to bond with my family, and to make fun of their glasses – just kidding,” she said.

And what was the fun, creative aspect of the evening? Participants were able to paint their own pint glass, using a process called Chalkology Chalk Transfer.

Each participant first selected one of 12 adventure designs, which included such slogans as Let’s Get Lost, Explore More, Adventure Vibes, Never Look Back, Yes to New Adventures, and Let the Adventure Begin.

The chalk transfer designs make a long-lasting stenciled design on the glass, which can be further personalized by each person. The glasses are baked to seal the designs.

The idea and the materials were supplied by library trustee Kelly McDonald, who scurried back and forth at the event, demonstrating to participants how the process worked and commending them on the finished product.

Library director Melissa Froah was also on hand to help people with the project and to make sure the glasses were completely dry before they were baked. “I think people had a lot of fun,” she said. “I think we would be willing to do something like that again.”

The turnout was “way more than we expected,” Froah said. She said she was not sure why, but one thing that might have brought a lot of people out was the decision to conduct the program at Alexander’s Restaurant.

“We were going to do this here (at the library) as a class and then I said: ‘If we are painting pints, maybe we should go to Alexander’s after the class,'” she said. “Then Kelly said: ‘Well, let’s just see if we can do it there.'”