Cassadaga Mayoral Meeting Set For Today

CASSADAGA — A special meeting of the village board will be held this Friday at 5 p.m. regarding the vacant mayoral position in the village.

Village Clerk Roxanne Astry made the announcement during her comments to the board.

“Terry Seibert could not make it to this meeting, she’s working doubles,” said Astry. “Our attorney advised us to have a special meeting, ask her when she could make it. She can make it this Friday, so I suggest that we hold a special meeting (then).”

Seibert’s absence from the meeting Wednesday prevented the board from taking any action on a mayoral position, though no names were even mentioned at the meeting. Astry only closed out her comments, noting the reason for the meeting: “I put it up on the website,” she said of the meeting announcement. “It’s to appoint a mayor.”

The board then approved the motion to hold the special meeting unanimously.

In other news, Roxanne Astry also announced that the Cassadaga Farmers Market would be starting June 23 and running to Sept. 15, every Sunday from 12:30-3:30 p.m. at the Village Commons.

The board approved Len Ensalaco’s letter of resignation from his position of code enforcement officer, but noted he will remain zoning officer for the village.

Wendy Spinuzza was then approved by the board to become the new village code enforcement officer. Spinuzza comes to the village of Cassadaga from Dunkirk.

“She’s a sharp gal,” said Deputy Mayor Bill Astry of Spinuzza.

Also, Tammy Wichlacz was approved by the board and appointed beach supervisor for the 2019 summer beach season.