Revenues Up For Most BPU Divisions

Year-to-date, net incomes for the five utility divisions for the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities are both up and down.

On Monday, Kelly Hawkins, BPU finance and customer accounts manager, said net income is up for the electric and water divisions, but down for district heating, wastewater and water.

Hawkins said for the electric division, revenues are approximately $1.5 million under budget and are in line with the same period last year. The most noticeable decrease is in public street lighting consumption, which is direct result of the upgrade to LED lights.

Net income for the electric division is $2 million, or $58,000, higher than what was budgeted. Operating expenses totaling $13 million were $1.5 million, or 11 percent, under budget.

In the water division, net income is $185,000, which was $140,000 above budget. Water sales were $1.8 million, which is 3 percent above budget. Operating expenses were $1.74 million, which was $63,000, or 4 percent, under budget.

The net income was $73,000 for the wastewater division, which is 15 percent under budget. Operating expenses and maintenance spending totaled $1.67 million, which is over budget by around 2 percent.

Net income was down by 53 percent for the solid waste division through the first four months of the year. Sales revenues for the solid waste division are a combined $13,800 over budget. Operating expenses were $787,000, which is $21,600, or 3 percent, over budget.

In the district heat division, net income was $105,000 under budget. The net income is 2.3 percent, or $8,000, higher than the same time in 2018. Sales of hot water were $36,000, or 4 percent, over budget. Operating expenses were $547,000, which was $118,000 more than budgeted.