‘Really Impactful’

Display Shows Students Results Of Fatal Crash

Students from Randolph Central School recently observed the SUV of Amy Stock, who was killed in a motor vehicle accident that involved a drunk driver in 2015. Submitted photo

RANDOLPH — Randolph Central School students were recently shown what can happen when a person who has been drinking gets behind the wheel.

The display was part of the Stop DWI New York campaign of schools visited in Cattaraugus County. In addition to Randolph, the campaign also made stops at Portville Junior-Senior High School, Allegany-Limestone, Cattaraugus-Little Valley, Pioneer and Gowanda school districts. The display also made a stop at Cuba-Rushford Middle-High School in Allegany County.

The display consists of a specially built trailer that houses a crumpled SUV. It is this vehicle that the woman it is named after lost her life. The car belonged to Amy Stock, an Albany woman who was killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver in 2015. At the time of the accident, the driver missed a stop sign and slammed into her car at 65 mph. So badly damaged was the SUV that the front bumper of the opposing vehicle was permanently imbedded into its passenger side. The Amy Stock Memorial Trailer is comprised of more of Stock’s artifacts.

Today, the Stock family uses the vehicle as a way to demonstrate the dangers of drunken driving. The display also travels to colleges and high schools across the county to help spread that message.

The vehicle was obtained by Stock’s sister after the Otsego County Sheriff’s Office donated it for educational uses in 2016. The trailer now housing it was built that summer. The memorial debuted the following autumn.

For local school officials, the event couldn’t come sooner.

“The timing couldn’t be better considering that this time of the year is often when costly decisions are made,” Randolph Superintendent Kaine Kelly said. “It is important to effect kids’ decisions.”

Students from grades seven to 12 English classes were recently brought out to see the display for the day’s activity. Other students and staff members were allowed to see the vehicle throughout the school day.

“It was really impactful seeing it,” said Kale Luce, Randolph School Resource Officer. “It is really a great lesson for our students.”

“It was well received by our students and touched every kid,” he continued.

In addition to Luce, the event was organized locally by Administrative Lt. Melanie Churakos and Lt. patrol and county SRO supervisor Brandon Walters of the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Department.

Other organizers and sponsors for the event included New York Central Mutual, Medical Coaches Inc. of Oneonta and the Otsego Northern Catskill division of the Boards of Cooperative Educational Services of New York State.