West Ellicott Man Wanted For Alleged Warren County Robbery

WARREN, Pa. — A West Ellicott man was taken into custody this week after allegedly threatening another man at gunpoint, firing a round in his vicinity and leaving him “completely nude in the dark.”

Thomas A. Kimbrough, Jr., 23, 112 Frederick Blvd., Jamestown, was charged by Pennsylvania State Police on Tuesday in the wake of the incident which occurred on April 22 on Mud Run in Farmington Township in Warren County.

Charges were filed at District Justice Laura Bauer’s office in North Warren.

Kimbrough was taken into custody and booked into the Chautauqua County Jail on Tuesday, court records indicate.

The slate of charges includes robbery — threat immediate serious injury, robbery — commit threat first or second-degree felony, robbery — take property form other by force, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, propulsion of missiles onto roadways and harassment.

Pennsylvania State Police say in the affidavit of probable cause that they were contacted by Chautauqua County 911 “after receiving a phone call from the victim … reporting a robbery that occurred on Mud Run approximately 1 mile south of PA 957.”

Troopers interviewed the victim who said that “his friend, Thomas A. Kimbrough, Jr., had asked if he would like to go for a drive and smoke marijuana he had recently obtained.”

Police alleged that the two met at the Chautauqua Mall and traveled in a dark in color BMW into Pennsylvania.

“During their travels, the two were driving down Mud Run when Kimbrough told (the victim) to give him everything he had on him at which point he brandished a black in color, semi-automatic pistol,” the affidavit states. “Kimbrough then turned the car around and stopped in the roadway.”

The victim told police that Kimbrough “ordered him out of the car, held him at gunpoint and forced him to remove all of his clothing. (The victim) related Kimbrough told him to hurry up and fired a single shot into the ground in close proximity” to the victim.

“Kimbrough then forced (the victim) to place his belongings in the passenger seat of the vehicle. Kimbrough then struck (the victim) with the pistol on or about the back of the head and face.

“There was very slight swelling and bruising under (the victim’s) left eye.”

Police alleged that Kimbrough then fled the scene “south on Mud Run, leaving (the victim) completely nude in the dark.”

The victim told police he “located a family fishing at a pond near the intersection of Mud Run and Cemetery Road” and called 911.

The family told police that they “heard a single gunshot ring out in the direction of Mud Run and were approached by (the victim) a short time later.”