Thumbtacks Found On Riverwalk

A staff member of Jamestown Cycle Shop found thumb tacks on the Riverwalk between the pedestrian bridges at Warner dam and the National Comedy Center. Nearly 10 tires were repaired after cyclists reported flat tires in the region. P-J photo by William Mohan

More than 10 bicycle tires had to be repaired after thumbtacks were dropped along the Riverwalk in Jamestown.

Between Thursday and Friday of last week, customers were coming into Jamestown Cycle Shop for reports of flat tires. Initially nothing was thought of it.

However, when bike and ski shop manager Mike Donner heard customers were getting tires flattened from riding on the Riverwalk he became concerned.

Not only is the area between Warner dam and the National Comedy Center used by some of the Cycle Shop’s regular customers, but the business also uses the area to test drive new bicycles.

“I walk that area regularly so I was immediately concerned for people walking their dogs, pedestrians as well as other cyclists,” Donner said.

A check of the area by Donner revealed that someone had dropped more than 50 thumbtacks in that area of the Riverwalk.

Soon after, Donner posted images of the incidents on Facebook, and the news quickly spread.

“The post was shared 400 times, so we know the message got out,” Donner said.

Between Thursday and Friday, the shop had seen nearly 10 orders for repairs on bicycle tires after picking up thumbtacks.

For the most part, Donner said the only items that needed replacement were the inner tubes while the tires were patched.

A further check on Saturday by Donner found that the trails were clear.

The Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department had been made aware of the situation. As of Tuesday morning, Parks Manager John Williams said the trails were clear of any hazards or obstructions.

“We checked Saturday and we mowed (Monday) and didn’t see anything,” Williams said.