St. Susan Center Kicks Off 35th Year

A volunteer serves soup at the Soup and a Song fundraiser for St. Susan’s center. P-J photo by Breanna Nelson
Antendees gather at the Soup and a Song Fundraiser on Saturday. P-J photo by Breanna Nelson

St. Susan Center’s annual Soup and a Song fundraiser was hosted Saturday by St. James Church in Jamestown. During the event, local musicians Bill Ward and Amanda Barton provided entertainment for those in attendance. “It’s such a good cause and the music adds a nice touch,” said attendee Paul Mazzone.

The Soup and a Song fundraiser is normally hosted at the center several times throughout each year, but on Saturday the fundraiser was intended to accommodate more people as it was the kickoff to the St. Susan Center’s 35 year anniversary.

“I’ve been asked, ‘How are you able to stay open for all of these years?'” Bonny Scott-Sleight, Executive Director at the center, commented. “It’s through the community and generous giving that we have been able to.” Scott-Sleight went on to express the gratitude that she and others at the center hold for “such a giving community.” She also expressed examples of times the center was grateful to members of the community that went to meet the needs of not only the center but other community members as well.

For more information about the St. Susan Center, call 664-2253 or visit stsusancenter.org.