Annual ‘Souper Bowl’ Winner Declared

The room was full at noon for the Alexander Findley Library soup luncheon

FINDLEY LAKE — Souper Bowl Sunday was a real winner, with more than 75 people attending the annual luncheon put on by the Alexander Findley Library Board of Trustees in Findley Lake.

The annual Soupfest was held on Sunday in the Findley Lake Community Center. Everything is free, even take-out, but the library does ask donations. This year, those who attended the event donated more than $500 to benefit the library.

The event is not just a fundraiser for the library, however. It is an opportunity for community members to get together and enjoy a variety of soups, salads, breads, and desserts provided by local restaurants and chefs.

“I think people really see it as a social event,” said board member Lynn McGill as she served up the salad. “They sit down and spend time with each other.”

Board co-director Nancy Roche noted that this year’s luncheon fell on Super-Bowl Sunday by default because every other weekend at this time had other local events scheduled. “So we decided to give it a try,” she said. “We were a little neervois whether it was a good thing or a bad thing.”

The choice did not seem to keep people away as a steady flow kept coming through the door. “They were lining up before 11:30 out the door,” Roche said. “I think this year the crowd is spread out over the hours.”

McGill agreed. “Since the moment we opened up we’ve been busy.”

Board co-director Mary Ford noted that a wider range of people seemed to have learned of the event this year. “There are lots of different faces,” she said. “There are lots of familiar faces and lots of new faces.”

Last year a record number of people attended the luncheon and the servers were kept busy until most of the food ran out. Roche said things were a little smoother this year.

“We were more prepared this year,” Roche said. “It wasn’t as crazy as last year and we had new bowls so we were ready for anything.”

Roche said that being more prepared enabled the servers to offer samples of several diffent soups to those who wanted to taste more than one. “Some tried three or four or five different soups,” she said “People seem to be enjoying a little of this and a little of that.”

This year’s menu featured shrimp and bacon choder by Slexander’s restaurant; french onion soup by the French Creek Tavern; stuffed pepper soub by Joanne Malecki; White chili by Nelson Harper; vegetable and chicken soup by Bistro 210 at Peek ‘N Peak; chicken wing soup by pine junction; ham and bean soup by New Harvest restaurant; chili by Stedman Corners Cafe and homemade bread donated by the French Creek Stores.

As in the past, tossed salads, desserts, and beverages were donated by members of the library board and Findley Lake community members.