Dunkirk Pier Gets Updated Design

DUNKIRK — Parking was the biggest change put forth for the updated design of the Dunkirk City Pier. At a recent Harbor Commission meeting, Landscape Architect and Urban Planner Keith F. Ewald of Barton & Loguidice presented the new layout. The updates include a 34-car parking area, pedestrian walking space, new lighting and shaded rest areas.

“There’s three elements to this whole design,” Ewald started. “There’s the intersection (of Lakeshore Drive and Central Avenue), which is the gateway into the boardwalk; the plaza, which is the intersection to the arch; and then the pier. We’re looking to make it safer to get out onto the pier.”

Within the pier space itself it’ll be a mixture of asphalt and concrete; this is an important improvement, seeing as the current asphalt is cracking and heaving in a lot of places. Their biggest issue is trying to define how the spaces will be used.

“The city does want the ability to shut the pier down for events,” Ewald stated. “Most of the time the whole thing will be open.”

The project layout is about complete, but finishing touches are being added between now and when it goes up for bid in February.

“The ultimate goal is to have the pier open by mid-August for the boat race,” Ewald added. “It’s basically just going to look very different, but it’s still going to function much of the same way.”

Despite the construction, events typically held on the pier will still take place at other locations near the lake.

Also, the boat launch will remain open, as well as Demitri’s and the Boardwalk; the public spaces won’t be hindered by this renovation. The pier itself will have to be shut down at some point, how long that period is however, hasn’t been figured out yet.

“We’ll be working on the design now, until the end of February,” Ewald said. “If anyone has any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us.”