Sinclairville Senior Citizens Hold Meeting

SINCLAIRVILLE — The Sinclairville Senior Citizens meet once a month on the second Tuesday at noon in the Sinclairville Firehall dining room for a luncheon and program. Diman Smith serves as the president and welcomed all to the gathering. Diane Shaw gave the blessing prior to the meal. A fine luncheon was available to all, with a variety of food dishes and fancy desserts. Everyone had a wonderful time. Festival table decorations were provided by Betty Wielgasz and Linda Parmenter depicting the fall season. Smith prepared the coffee.

The Lord’s Prayer was led by Pastor Phil Shay, and John Sipos led all in the Pledge of Allegiance reminding all where the commas are in the pledge.

President Smith held a drawing for prizes. Recipients included Martha Harmon, June Whipple, Jane Penhollow, Wielgasz, Ray Wood, Ann Hellman, Bob MineKime, Ms. Shaw, Diane Minekime, Carol Hetrick, Margie McIntyre, LouAnn Smith, and Sipos.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read by secretary Smith, and the financial report of the organization was presented by treasurer Charles Sylvester. Wielgasz serves as the sunshine chairman and announced the names of the five people having a birthday in October.

A nominating committee for new officers for 2019 was chosen. These included Mrs. Penhollow, Pete Skillman, Pastor Shay, and McIntyre. Their report of candidates will be presented at the next meeting.

The Nov. 13 meeting will be the annual Thanksgiving dinner.